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Church is a magazine dedicated to cars, not culture!

For Los Angeles artist Coby Gewertz, "Church" is an ongoing manifestation of his insomnia, having obsessive compulsive tendencies in regards to visual communication, and not being able to stop a hyperactive mind. "It was conceived, designed and funded by myself in a super secret laboratory during the off hours of my day job. Ever frustrated at staring at a closet full of crap, I first created simple, strong and passionate auto related design work intended for t-shirt use with the premise to never sell anything I wouldn't wear." .

It didn't take long to figure out that creating art was the easy part, and the art of selling was an entirely different monster. Unable to afford magazine adspace, Coby decided to compile photos he had taken on his pocket sized digital camera and make a miniature magazine of his own. Because the full bleed photography is telling the story, there's no need for articles, tech info, scene reviews, or anything of the sort in this self published "zine. Perhaps that makes it more of a photo book magazine, thingy??? Either way, it's like candy for your eyeballs.


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