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The official program for the SCTA sanctioned event held May 25, 1947.
The cover of the program for a Rusetta Timing Association run held April 24, 1949

The El Mirage dry lake is located about 125 miles north of Los Angeles, at the edge of the Mojave Desert.


El Mirage Meets of 1951

El Mirage April 21-22, 1951

El Mirage Meets of 1949

El Mirage May 29, 1949
El Mirage May 22, 1949
El Mirage May 7-8, 1949

El Mirage Meets of 1948

El Mirage November 7, 1948
El Mirage September 12, 1948

El Mirage Meets of 1947

El Mirage May 25, 1947

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