Kustomrama Styling Studio no. 6 - 1966 BMW 1600

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1966 BMW 1600 Neue Klass designed by Janne Kutja of Tuusula, Finland. The old German compact car has been given a 1960s Boulevard cruiser look, a look rarely seen on these or any other Euro cars for that matter of fact. In order to melt in with the rest of the cruisers at the McDonald's hamburger stand at the corner of Crenshaw and Artesia Blvd in the early 1960s, Janne has reduced the height of the roof by chopping the top 2 inches. In addition to a lower roofline, 2 inches is all it takes to remove the dog leg from the c-pillar. Other body modifications consists of shaved doorhandles, emblems and front blinkers. The roof has been covered with sparkling silver flake, while the rest of the car features a deep, dark candy red paint job. The front end has been restyled by removing the distinctive BMW kidneys, and by installing a horizontal tube-grille. The tube-grille gives the car a cleaner and wider look from the rear-view mirror, a view very important for a slow going boulevard cruiser. The suspension has been lowered for a proper stance, and a set of Astro Supreme wheels with skinny whitewall tires makes the circle complete. If you had enough money you would have lifts all around, or at least up front. If not, you could go old school and stuff the trunk and back seat full of good friends!

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