Kustomrama Styling Studio no. 7 - 1953 Kaiser Hardtop Coupe

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Design by Janne Kutja.

1953 Kaiser hardtop coupe designed by Janne Kutja of Tuusula, Finland. In 1953 the Kaiser's were only available as four-door sedans and two-door club coupes. They were big and bulky cars, so when Janne set off to restyle and improve the lines of a four-door Kaiser he started by chopping and shortening the roof. The b-pillars were fed to the fishes, and the roof was hardtopped, before the driprails on the roof were then removed and replaced by custom made stainless trim. Not found of the original rear window, Janne designed the car with a smaller rear window. The body was cleaned up by removing all traces of emblems, ornaments and door handles. The stock trim was replaced by the Kaiser Manhattan sidetrim while 1954 Kaiser taillights replaced the stock taillights. After lowering the car all around, a little more in the rear, it was fit with chromed original wheels, hubcaps and Firestone 7.10x15 tires. 29,945 Kaisers were produced in 1953. If Janne had been on the board of the designers, I guess they would have been able to sell twice as many cars, at least!

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