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Bob Davis' 1935 Ford 5-Window Coupe of Long Beach, California was restyled in 1960. Bob was a member of the Lords of Wilmington car club.
Ron Guidry's 1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe
Marshall's 1951 Chevrolet, of Long Beach, California, as it appeared in 1966. The flames were applied by Marshall in 1965.
Ron Dragoo's 1951 Mercury coupe of Long Beach, California was restyled around 1955.
Jim Logue's 1954 Ford convertible of Long Beach, California. Completed in 1958, Jim's Ford might have been the first car ever to use hydraulic lifts from aircraft surplus parts to raise and lower the suspension.
Bill Burnett's 1955 Ford Crown Victoria was restyled around 1955/1956. Bill sold the car to Larry Quatrone also he from Long Beach in 1957.
Larry Quatrone's 1955 Ford Crown Victoria as it appeared after Larry Watson had painted it candy gold and lime in 1960.
Dick Jackson's 1957 Ford of Compton, California was restyled late in 1956 or early in 1957. Dick, who started out at Barris Kustoms ran his own shop Advanced Custom Paints in Compton, California when the Ford was restyled. Later on in 1957, Dick traded the Ford with Buddy Alcorn for his 1950 Mercury. Buddy lived in Long Beach.
A Crash Helmet Magazine group shot of some Cut-Outs of Long Beach car club members taken in 1957. The members in the photo are, from left to right Ron Dulin and Dick Gonzales. The two gentlemen in the center are un-identified, while Glenn and Gary Thorton sits on the right side. The guys are posing in front of Ron Dulin's 1956 Plymouth Fury, the "Strawberries and Cream" version of Dick Gonzales' 1955 Studebaker Speedster and Gary Thorton's Pickup truck. Photo from The Cut Outs of Long Beach Photo Collection.


Custom Cars of Long Beach, California

Bob Davis' 1935 Ford 5-Window Coupe
Ron Guidry's 1936 Ford 5-Window Coupe
Dick Ward's 1949 Chevrolet
Harold Johnson's 1949 Chevrolet
Paul Richards' 1949 Ford
Santo Vasques' 1950 Chevrolet
Buddy Alcorn's 1950 Mercury
Larry Lorenzo's 1950 Mercury Convertible
Marshall's 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline
Ron Dragoo's 1951 Mercury Coupe
Ed Schmidt's 1953 Ford
Jim Logue's 1954 Ford Convertible
Ronnie Dragoo's 1954 Mercury
Dick Gonzales' 1955 Studebaker
Al Lazarus' 1955 Chevrolet
Bill Burnett's 1955 Ford Crown Victoria
Larry Quatrone's 1955 Ford Crown Victoria
Zeno Stephens' 1955 Mercury
Gary Niemie's 1956 Buick Century
Jud Morgan's 1956 Ford F-100
Danny Purinton's 1956 Mercury
Ron Dulin's 1956 Plymouth Fury
Bob Shelby's 1957 Ford
Dick Jackson's 1957 Ford
Jim Cirivello's 1959 Chevrolet Impala
Ken Leake's 1959 Chevrolet Impala

Hot Rods of Long Beach, California

Les Callahan's 1922 Dodge Roadster Pickup
Tom Logan's 1932 Chevrolet Pickup
Ed Cousins' 1932 Ford
Nelson Morris' 1932 Ford
Monte Trone's 1933 Ford 3-Window Coupe

Custom Shops Located in Long Beach, California

Dick's Body Shop
Don's Trim Shop

Car Shows of Long Beach, California

Cavaliers Car Show
Renegades Rod & Custom Motorama

Car Clubs of Long Beach, California

Cut Outs
Crusaders of Long Beach
Long Beach Cavaliers
Long Beach Renegades
Long Beach Searchers
Long Beach Qualifiers

Citizens of Long Beach, California

Al Lazarus
Bart Root
Bill Burnett
Bob Davis
Bob Shelby
Buddy Alcorn
Danny Purinton
Dick Gonzales
Dick Jackson
Dick Ward
Don Hudson
Ed Cousins
Ed Schmidt
Gary Niemie
Harold Johnson
Ike Trone
James Wright
Jim Cirivello
Jim Logue
Jud Morgan
Ken Leake
Larry Lorenzo
Larry Weaver
Larry Quatrone
Les Callahan
Monte Trone
Nelson Morris
Ron Dulin
Ron Guidry
Ronnie Dragoo
Santo Vasques
Tom Logan
Paul Richards
Virgil Smith
Zeno Stephens

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