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Are you looking for the whereabouts of your old hot rod or custom? Or are you looking for info on an old car you have found? Send us an email at mail@kustomrama.com with some photos and information and we will add the car to our lost and found section. With hundreds of enthusiasts from all over the world stopping by each day, chances are that someone could help you out with leads or information.


Found: Lake Elsinore 1939 Ford Custom
Matt Marquisee sent me photos of a heavily chopped and partly customized 1939 Ford four-door he spotted in Lake Elsinore, California. It was sitting in a fenced enclosure, and it is hard to see if it is a new or an older build. There was a weathered "For Sale" sign on the fence, with no additional information. The heavily chopped sedan looks like a stranded project. It has an unique headlight treatment, and it looks like the original builder had visioned the car with some sorts of bumperettes. Click here for more information


Found: Unknown Colorado Junkyard Sport Custom
Unknown Sport Custom located at a junkyard outside Colorado Springs, Colorado. Chris Savaglio and a buddy came across the car, and they told Kustomrama that it was hard to tell what it had started out as. The front of the car features dual canted headlights, indicating that it could have been built, or upgraded, in the late 1950s or the 1960s. The rear of the car features a low trunk, giving the car huge fins. A cut down bumper is placed between the fins. Click here for more information


Lost: George McLaughlin's Roadster
In the 1940s George McLaughlin of Yakima, Washington built himself a sport custom from salvaged parts. A low-slung body, featuring an enormous grille, was fabricated over an old Ford chassis. Power came from a Ford flathead V8 engine. In the early 1950s George moved to Richland, bringing the roadster along. It was sold locally in the 1960s or early 1970s, and since then George's family has lost track of it. If anyone know what happened to George's roadster we would love to hear from you. Click here for more information


Looking for Info: Klas and Fredrik Wallin's 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan
This sharp looking 1932 Ford tudor sedan calls Sweden it's home. When Klas and Fredrik Wallin bought it in 2013, it came from Colorado, United States. The seller told them that it originally had been chopped and hot rodded back in 1957. Rumor had it that the car was once owned and driven by Dean Moon, but that is a rumor we can't confirm. If you have any information about the history of this old hot rod we would love to hear from you. Click here for more information


Lost:Dick Colarossi's 1940 Ford Coupe
1940 Fords were very popular to restyle in Southern California in the mid 1950s. When former USC engineering student Dick Colarossi of Glendale, California decided to customize his coupe, he turned to Neil Emory and Clayton Jensen at Valley Custom Shop. The result was breathtaking, and Dick's coupe copped a 1st place in its class at the 1954 Motorama. He sold the coupe in 1957, and has lost track of the old custom. Dick has been searching for his beloved '40 Ford for years without luck. Do anyone know what happened to Dick's coupe? Click here for more information


Lost: Jack Smario's 1957 Ford
Jack Smario's 1957 Ford 2-door hardtop was restyled by Gene Winfield at Winfield's Custom Shop sometime between 1957 and 1959. Jack, who hauled from Pittsburg, California, had Gene modify the front end by tunneling and frenching the headlights, and by installing a bullet grille. It was painted in black lacquer with gold fogged scallops. Jack died in 1976, and his family have lost track of the old custom. If anyone knows what happened to it we will love to hear from you. Click here for more information


Lost: Merton Peterson's 1950 Ford
In 1953 Carroll "Red Eye" Gentry of Styler's Custom Shop restyled a 1950 Ford for Merton Peterson of San Diego, California. Gentry built the car from verbal instructions given by Pete, who demanded a 5 inch section job, a Ferrari type grille, pancaked hood, and radiused wheel openings. Pete sold the Ford, partially in a trade, to Tony Curtis of Glendale, California on August 9, 1956. Pete's family doesn't know what happened to the car after that, and they are currently trying to locate their dad's old custom. Click here for more information


Lost: Jack Telnack's 1941 Mercury
Back in 1954, Bob Ashlock of Detroit, Michigan helped his buddy Jack Telnack section and channel his 1941 Mercury, to make it look more like a European influenced 1941 Lincoln Continental. When the build was completed in 1955, Jay took off to California in order to attend the Art Center Design School. The car was sold there, and Jay went on to become head designer at Ford Motor Company. Bob is currently looking for the whereabouts of the Merc they built? Have you seen it? Click here for more information


Lost: Kenneth Kamp's Otter
The Otter is a fiberglass bodied two-seater built by Kenneth Kamp of Norwood, Ohio. When Chevrolet came with their fiberglass bodied Corvette, Ken decided that he wanted to get ahead of the market and produce a fiberglass bodied car too. 9 Otters were built. The first one was completed in 1953. The family of Ken are currently looking for the whereabouts of these cars. Have any of them survived? Click here for more information


Found: Brad and Gale Bez' 1948 Buick Roadmaster Roadster
Another old sport custom has surfaced! Brad and Gale Bez' 1948 Buick Roadmaster roadster was located in Milwaukee some years back. It was then moved to the Chicago area where it was damaged in a garage fire. In 2009 it was purchased by a St. Louis Buick collector. Brad and Gale Bez recently bought the one-off custom from the St. Louis Buick collector, and they plan to restore it back to how it once appeared. If you have any more info on Brad and Gale's sport custom we would love to hear from you. Click here for more information


Found: Charles McDonald's 1955 Ford
Charles McDonald's 1955 Ford Thunderbird was restyled by Don Roberts of Bear's Custom Body Shop after he moved his shop to Inglewood in the late 1950s. According to rumors, Don customized more first generation Thunderbirds than anyone else in the Los Angeles area, so it is good to finally see one surface. Charles McDonald's Thunderbird can in fact be the only know surviving Don Roberts custom car.
Click here for more information


Lost: Ron Fagundes' 1952 Ford Victoria - The Ronbardue Kart
Back in the late 1950s Ron Fagundes' 1952 Ford Victoria was featured in several magazines as a rare "East Meets West" custom. Ron was from Napa, California, and his car featured custom work by four different East and West Coast shops and builders such as Barris Kustoms and Andy Southard. Ron traded his custom for a 1960 Ford Thunderbird at a car dealership in Long Island, New York in 1960. Ron and his family is currently looking for Ron's old custom, so if anyone know what happened to this one we would love to hear from you. Click here for more information


Lost: George Patris' 1936 Ford 3-Window Coupe
This mildly restyled 1936 Ford was owned by George Patris, of Inglewood, California when he was a senior in 1945. His son, Michael is currently looking for the car. Last rumor he heard, was that the car was located in Glendale. Do you know anyone in Glendale that might own George's old high school ride?
Click here for more information


Lost: Rich Vachata's 1936 Ford Convertible - The Breach Comber
The Beach Comber was a 1936 Ford convertible owned and restyled by Bearing Busters of Berwyn car club member Rich Vachata. The first version was completed in 1959. In 1960 the car received a scallop paint job by fellow club member Dave Puhl. Rich sold the car to his buddy Bob Borvansky around 1970. He upgraded the look of the car before he decided to sell it. Do anyone know what happened to this Illinois custom? Click here for more information


Lost: Martin S. Papazian's Cordster
The Cordster was a custom roadster designed and owned by Martin S. Papazian of Worcester, Massachusetts. Martin’s objective in building the Cordster was to produce a “Sports Custom” family car. The build was completed in 1953. In 1960 it was sold out of the Papazian family, and all traces of it ends at the Sunset Trading Post in Sunset, Texas in 1978. Rumor has it that the car was then sold to Mansfield, Texas. Can you help us trace this car? Click here to read more


Update: Carl Szembrot's 1950 Studebaker
A couple of weeks ago we ran a story on Daniel A. Fox's 1950 Studebaker custom. The car was originally restyled in the early 1950s, and Daniel was looking for more information on the car as the name of the original builder and owner was unknown. Thanks to a story published in The Knickerboxer News February 13, 1952 we now know that the Studebaker was originally restyled by R. K. Body Works for Carl Szembrot Jr., of Albany, New York. Click here to read more


Found: Larry Neves' 1924 Ford
In October of 2013 we ran a featured story on Larry Neves' 1924 Ford Model T Roadster. At the time the whereabouts of the old hot rod, also known as Woody Lee's 1924 Ford, was unknown. Three months later the car hit the scene as a bomb, as it was displayed at the 65th annual Grand National Roadster Show.
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Found: George Barris' 1956 Continental Mark II
In 1956 George Barris, of Barris Kustoms fame, bought a brand new 1956 Continental Mark II that he restyled. George wanted something easy to drive, and the Lincoln was lowered an inch and repainted with 25 coats of Pearlscent Rust before it was fit with a padded white top that featured landau irons. In january of 2014 a similar Continental, rumored to be George's old car was advertised for sale on eBay.Click here to read more


Found: Roger or Robert Bena's 1950 Studebaker
When Trend Book 105 Restyle Your Car hit the newsstands in 1952 it featured a photo of the rear end of a 1950 Studebaker that someone had given a treatment similar to the 1951 GM LeSabre concept car. The story did not mention the name of the owner or the builder. The remains of this old custom has now finally surfaced, and it's current owner Danie A. Fox wants to restore it back to how it appeared in 1952. Do anyone know who the original owner of this rare Studebaker was? Click here to read more


Looking for info: Barry Atkins' 1955 Chevrolet
In the early 1980s Red McCormick of East Hartford, Connecticut bought an old customized 1955 Chevrolet from Durham, Connecticut. Red sold it to Barry Atkins, who restored it and restyled it further. Today the car is owned by Marc M. of WIttmann, Arizona. Rumor has it that the car was first restyled in 1958, and Marc is currently trying to find out who the original owner and builder was. Do you know this car?
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Found: John Sak's Third 1941 Ford Convertible - Barbie
Back in 2011 we added John Sak's Third 1941 Ford Convertible, Barbie, to the Kustomrama Lost and Found section. John, who built the car between 1957 and 1960, ended up selling it in the 1970s. Being a 1941 Ford fan, he soon regret that he had sold Barbie. After spending nearly 40 years trying to locate it he turned to Kustomrama for help. It took almost 2 years, but in September of 2013 we finally found Barbie.
Click here to read more


Found: Gary Heliker's 1926 Ford Model T Roadster
In 2010 we ran a featured story on Gary Heliker's 1926 Ford Model T Roadster. Back then nobody knew where the car was, or if it was still around. Even Gary Heliker mailed us to inform that he hadn't seen or heard the car since he sold it in the 1960s. Mike McHenry of Apple Valley, California knew all the time, because he bought the car in 1997. In September of 2013 Mike wrote Kustomrama to share the news.
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Lost: Doc Albers' 1949 Ford
In the early 1960s, Robert "Doc" Albers of Lakewood, Ohio got a sectioned 1949 Ford from his dad. The car was originally restyled by Milton Depuy of Cleveland, Ohio around 1956, and when Doc got it, it had no motor. Doc got the old custom back on the road again, and he drove it for a while in black primer before he sold it to Russell Standish in 1964. Since then it has disappeared, and Doc is now looking high and low for his old car.
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Found: Josh Haagen's 1950 Buick
In 2012 Josh Haagen of Bangor, Maine bought an old custom built Buick boattail roadster that had been left abandoned behind a building. He was told that the car was originally built in Berwick, Maine. Josh, who is a body shop guy, believes the car was once completed, run on the road, and disassembled for a restoration that never happened. Josh is currently looking for info on his car. Do anyone recognize this one-off creation?
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Lost: Harold Agresti's 1951 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe
Harold Agresti's 1951 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe was restyled in the San Francisco Bay Area around 1956/1957. The look of the car was upgraded by installing a 1954 Cadillac front clip. It was then nosed, decked and shaved for handles. Harold Agresti of Turlock, California bought the car in 1958. After selling the car locally, the Cadillac was eventually sold off to Arizona in the early 1960s. Do anyone know anything about the whereabouts of Harold's Cadillac?
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Lost: Jack Nethercutt's 1952 Oldsmobile
Some new leads on the Jack Nethercutt's 1952 Oldsmobile has come up, as San Jose Rod and Wheelers member Lenny Macchiarella claims he saw the car advertised for sale in the Auto Trader in 2000. It was still located in El Cajon, and it had been painted white. Lenny tried to buy it, but it was already sold. Anyone else remember seing a 4 inches chopped 1952 Oldsmobile in the El Cajon area about 12 years ago?
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Lost: John Sak's 1941 Ford Convertible
In 1958 John Sak of Syracuse, New York set off to restyle his 1941 Ford Convertible. Main modifications included a chopped top, reworked front, molded fenders and custom upholstery. The build was completed in time for the 1960 Syracuse Autorama where John wan a first place trophy with his build. He sold the car in the 1970s. It was restored again in 1983, and finally sold to a guy in New Jersey. John would really like to buy his old car back, and he is currently looking for its whereabouts.
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Lost: John and Rebecca Hackler's 1958 Chevrolet
In 1964, John and Rebecca Hackler bought their first car, a customized 1958 Chevrolet Impala, in the Monterey Bay area in California. The car was advertised for sale at a used car lot, and the seller told John and Rebecca that the car had been restyled by non other than Bill Cushenbery. Does anyone recognize this Impala? Is it a real Cushenbery custom? And where is it now?
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Found: Vincent E. Gardner's 1947 Studebaker - The Gardner Special
The Gardner Special was designed and built by famed automobile designer Vincent E. Gardner of South Bend, Indiana. Vince, who worked under Raymond Loewy at the time, bought a brand new 1947 Studebaker Champion that he based his sportster build on. Luckily the car is still around and Vintage Motorsports and Arrigo Specialty Metalworks is currently restoring the sportster back to its initial version.
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Found: 1952 Spohn Palos
Last year, before we started the Lost and Found section on Kustomrama, we wrote about Wayne Graefen, who was looking for the Vlk Family Custom in one of our Kustomrama Newsletters. Wayne, who first saw the unique coachbuilt Spohn car as a kid in 1957, has spent 54 years of his life hunting for the car. July 8, 2011 he found it, and four days later he had become the proud owner of his life-long dream car.
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Lost: Jack Nethercutt's 1952 Oldsmobile
Jack Nethercutt, the President of the Nethercutt Collection is currently looking for the whereabouts of his old Barris Kustoms restyled 1952 Oldsmobile. The car has not been seen for years, so any leads are appreciated. Jack bught the car in 1953, and drove it directly from the Oldsmobile dealer to Barris Kustoms. Jack sold the car, and we know that it was owned by Ronnie Smith of El Cajon, California in the early 1960s.
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Found: Bill Hines' Lil Bat
In May, 2011 the remains of the original Lil Bat by Bill Hines was advertised for sale on Craigslist. Bill sold the car in the early 1960s, and as the new owner wanted his own version of the Lil Bat, Bill restyled the car beyond recognition. The build was never completed, and the car sat outside in the Michigan wilderness for several years. The car was luckily sold to a genuine enthusiast, and I look forward to see what he does with this survivor.
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Found: Paul Schneck's 1955 Ford
This 1955 Ford custom is currently owned by Paul Schneck of Anoka, Minnesota. Paul bought the old custom from a friend in 2007. Paul's friend got the car to update it for a customer with a new running gear. The current owner had bought the car at an auction at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds more than 20 years earlier. Paul is currently looking for more information on this old custom, so if you know anything about it we would like to hear from you.
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if you have additional information, feedback, corrections or photos of Lost and Found to share, please send us an email at: mail@kustomrama.com so we can add it to this page.

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