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Welcome to Kustomrama - Traditonal Rod & Kustom Wikipedia

Kustomrama is a Wikipedia dedicated to traditional hot rods and kustom cars. It is an online encyclopedia covering all aspects of our kulture. Everyone is welcome to contribute and start new and interesting topics on the Kustomrama Wikipedia. Write about yourself, your company, your car, your favorite kustom or your all time automotive hero. All entries are welcome as long as they somehow relates to traditional Rods & Kustoms.

Kustomrama Wikipedia is a project that will evolve and grow over time. Join this community today and help Kustomrama become the number one Traditional Rod & Kustom Wiki!!

For feedback, inputs, stories or if you have some cool old photos to share, feel free to mail us at:



Customs by the Sea - Calling All Customs!
Customs by the Sea is a traditional custom car show presented by Kustomrama in cooperation with the Oilers car club and the Race of Gentlemen. The first Customs by the Sea was held October 3-5‚ 2014 at the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey.
Click here for more information.


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Featured Stories


Lou Kimzey - The Magazine Man
Lou Kimzey was the first art director for Hop Up Magazine back in 1951. He graduated from Woodbury College in Burbank, California in 1950, with a degree in Art and Design, specifically related to the business world of publishing. He began working as Art Director for Road & Track magazine in 1950. In 1957 Lou left Petersen Publishing for form his own publishing company Teenage Publications. Click here for more information and photos


John Bozio's 1939 Buick Century Convertible
John Bozio, of East Hartford, Connecticut, always played to the tone of a different drummer. When he bought his first custom in 1951, all young guys buying their first car wanted Fords or Chevrolet coupes and convertibles! John decided to go for a Buick! He was 15 years old at the time, and he had to pay $300 for the old convertible. John had earned that money by working on tobacco farms in his summer vacation, and by delivering the morning newspapers. Click here for more information and photos


Egeo Barci's 1934 Ford Roadster
By 1966 hot rodding had become an international movement, and hot rod creations started to pop up all over the world. In April of 1966 Egeo Barci bought a 1934 Ford roadster that he turned into what might have been the first hot rod of Brazil. The sensational build was completed late in 1966 or early in 1967, featuring a metallic burgundy paint job, a custom white upholstery, and plenty of chrome!
Click here for more information and photos

Lost and Found


Lost: George McLaughlin's Roadster
In the 1940s George McLaughlin of Yakima, Washington built himself a sport custom from salvaged parts. A low-slung body, featuring an enormous grille, was fabricated over an old Ford chassis. Power came from a Ford flathead V8 engine. In the early 1950s George moved to Richland, bringing the roadster along. It was sold locally in the 1960s or early 1970s, and since then George's family has lost track of it. If anyone know what happened to George's roadster we would love to hear from you. Click here for more information


Looking for Info:Klas and Fredrik Wallin's 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan
This sharp looking 1932 Ford tudor sedan calls Sweden it's home. When Klas and Fredrik Wallin bought it in 2013, it came from Colorado, United States. The seller told them that it originally had been chopped and hot rodded back in 1957. Rumor had it that the car was once owned and driven by Dean Moon, but that is a rumor we can't confirm. If you have any information about the history of this old hot rod we would love to hear from you. Click here for more information


Lost:Dick Colarossi's 1940 Ford Coupe
1940 Fords were very popular to restyle in Southern California in the mid 1950s. When former USC engineering student Dick Colarossi of Glendale, California decided to customize his coupe, he turned to Neil Emory and Clayton Jensen at Valley Custom Shop. The result was breathtaking, and Dick's coupe copped a 1st place in its class at the 1954 Motorama. He sold the coupe in 1957, and has lost track of the old custom. Dick has been searching for his beloved '40 Ford for years without luck. Do anyone know what happened to Dick's coupe? Click here for more information

Kustomrama Photo Archive


The P.A. Flink Photo Collection
In 1967 P.A. Flink attended his first Hot Rod Show in Stockholm. Not only did he attend it, he also exhibited a moped at the show named "The Peacock". During the late 1960s and 1970s P.A. became a regular visitor at the shows, bringing his camera to immortalize the Swedish hot rod and custom scene.
The P.A. Flink Photo Collection


The Cut Outs of Long Beach Photo Collection
The Cut Outs was a car club out of Long Beach, California. The club was organized April 16, 1941, and it is one of the oldest car clubs in the Long Beach area. Long time member Dick Gonzales has provided Kustomrama scans from the Cut-Outs scrapbook that will now be available on Kustomrama.
The Cut Outs of Long Beach Photo Collection


The John Bozio Photo Collection
John Bozio is an East Coast customizer from East Hartford, Connecticut. John bought his first car, a 1939 Buick Century, at age 15 in 1951. The Buick was John's first custom attempt. Several customs followed, mostly Buicks, and luckily for us, John took photos of them all.
Click here to check out the John Bozio Photo Collection

Featured Projects


The Kustomrama Dream truck
The Kustomrama Dream Truck is a tribute to the custom cars of the late 1950s. Being an admirer of Jerry DeVito's wildly restyled 1957 Ford Fairlane, that we all know as the Maze, Sondre Kvipt decided that he wanted to recreate this car as a Ranchero. The build was started in Oslo, Norway in January of 2014, lead by Sondre's brother Olav.
Click here for more information and photos


Gil Ayala's 1955 Ford Thunderbird - The Wild Bird
Gil Ayala's personal custom, a 1955 Ford Thunderbird, known as the Wild Bird, has been sold to Scandinavia. Gil's Thunderbird is one of the few known surviving Ayala Customs, and it will be a great addition to the Scandinavian custom scene. The restoration will be featured here on Kustomrama, and in order to an as accurate job as possible we need your help! Click here for more information and photos

For Sale


For Sale: Barry Atkins' 1955 Chevrolet
Rumor has it that Barry Atkins' 1955 Chevrolet was first restyled in 1958. In the early 1980s Red McCormick of East Hartford, Connecticut bought the car from Durham, Connecticut. Red sold it to Barry Atkins, who restored it and restyled it further. Today the car is owned by Marc M. of WIttmann, Arizona. Marc have two other projects that he needs to get done, so the Chevrolet is up for grabs.
Click here for more information


Cam Snappers of Newburyport's 1930 Ford Model A Roadster
The Cam Snappers of Newburyport, Massachusetts was established in 1952. In 1954 they built this Olds powered channeled 1930 Ford Model A roadster. The car is still around, and in May of 2014 it was advertised for sale on Hemmings. Click here for more info...


Jim Hill's 1921 Dodge Truck
A unique piece of Vallejo hot rod history is currently up for grabs on eBay. Known as the "Barbecued Stovebolt" and the "Hybrid Hot Rod", Jim Hill's 1921 Dodge truck was built between 1946 and 1951. In 1952 the truck won first prize for originality at the Oakland Roadster Show. The car has been in storage for nearly 50 years, and it is in a complete and very good condition. Click here for more info...

Featured Events


Grand National Roadster Show 2014
The 65th annual Grand National Roadster Show was held January 24 - 26, 2014 at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. Over 500 vehicles competed for awards inside all of the Fairplex buildings, while another 400-800 vehicles were displayed at the 9th Annual Grand Daddy Drive-In.
Click here to see photos from the 2014 Grand National Roadster Show


Brad Masterson's Barris Fire Party & Open House
December 14, 2013 Brad and his crew held a grand re-opening at the old Barris shop at 11070 Atlantic Ave. The shop had been transformed into a real authentic 1950s shop, with no MIG welder, bondo or fancy tools. The place was filled with people and live music.
Click here to read more about the Brad Masterson's Barris Fire Party



08.08.2014 - RIP Einar Valsjø
August 5, 2014 was a sad day for Norwegian custom history, as Einar Valsjø passed away. Einar was a pioneer in the field, who completed his first build, a customized 1952 Mercury around 1963. Much of the work on the Mercury was done outside, during the winter. Once completed, the Mercury became one of the first custom cars of Norway. Einar went on to build an paint many cars, for himself and for other. He is best known for his Mako Shark show car, a customized Corvette that hit the show circuit of Norway in three different versions. Click here for more information on Einar Valsjø


07.25.2014 - Old Kool Magazine
Old Kool Magazine is a new Kustom Life Magazine from the dark woods of Finland. Published by Finish pinstriper Pekka Wizzzard Mannermaa, the magazine is written in both Finish and English. First issue was released in January of 2014. The second issue made it's debut at the 6th annual Coupe Devils Rod & Kustom Bonanza in July, and they are absolutely a great addition to the scene.
Click here for more information on Old Kool Magazine


07.18.2014 - Mike Alexander Dies at 80
Custom car legend Mike Alexander, of the Alexander Brothers duo passed away July 18, 2014. Born in 1933, Mike was the fourth of four brothers. Mike was the mechanic one of the Alexander Bros duo, and had always tinkered with cars. Larry and Mike opened up their first shop in Detroit in 1957. They had their own style, and during the late 1950s and 1960s they were instrumental in developing new trends in the field of customizing.
Click here for more information on Mike Alexander

Kustomrama Styling Studio


Kustomrama Styling Studio no. 9 - 1941 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible
Janne Kutja has been down in his archive again, and found a design he drew back in 2006. This concept is based on a 1941 Lincoln Zephyr convertible. Main modifications include a chopped and leaned back windshield amd a padded top. Fanatics will also see the Janne has replaced the original one-piece windshield with a split one.
Click here for more information and photos


Kustomrama Styling Studio no. 8 - 1940 Mercury Coupe
Janne Kutja is back with another previously unseen design from the Kutja Design Archive. This concept came alive when Janne wondered how a 1940 Mercury custom would look with a roof similar to a 1940 Ford or 1941 Mercury coupe. Puzzled by this, Janne designed something that easily could have rolled out of Barris Kustoms prior to the Matranga Merc...maybe after that as well? Click here for more information and photos


Kustomrama Styling Studio no. 7 - 1953 Kaiser Hardtop Coupe
Janne Kutja is back with another previously unseen design from the Kutja Design Archive. This one, dated 2008, shows the potential that lies underneath the lines of a big and bulky 1953 Kaiser. You rarely see customized 1950s Kaisers. In fact you don't see too many 1950s Kaisers at all. In 1953 a total of only 29,945 cars were produced. Let's hope this design by Janne can help a car or two survive in a recycled and restyled version. Click here for more information and photos

Fred's Korner


Fred Lammers aka "Fred" or "Phred" is a Norwegian artist and illustrator from Oslo, Norway. Cars, kustoms & art: Fred has been involved with that as long as he can remember. He give his older brother credit for his interest in cars. He taught Fred about the makes and models and so on, but when it came to the tech stuff he was more interested in the design and soon started to draw and design stuff. Each week..well at least once in a while... Kustomrama presents a new masterpiece by Fred. Click here for a larger version and more art by Fred

Legends of the Rod & Custom Hall of Fame


Frank Lviningston's 49 Chevy - Close to a Clone
In 1955 Satan's Angels member Frank Livingston debuted his newly restyled 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline at the National Roadster Show. The car went trough three versions before Frank traded it for a 1953 Oldsmobile in 1959. In 2003 Frank returned to the Grand National Roadster Show with a recreation of his first 1949 Chevrolet. In this interview, Jonnie King talks to Frank about his beautiful recreation.
here to hear the interview at


Gene Winfield - Chopping the Jade Idol
Leroy Kemmerer's 1956 Mercury, better known as the Jade Idol, was the car that placed Gene Winfield on the custom car map for real. The build was started in 1958, and it was in fact the first car that Gene ever sectioned. Jonnie King has interviewed Gene about the Jade Idol and how he sectioned it.
Click here to check out the interview at


Bo Huff's Cool '56 Chevrolet - The Hustler
Jonnie King interviews Bo Huff about his 1956 Chevrolet custom called "The Hustler". The car is a tribute to Bo's good buddy John Douglas who owned a turquoise 1956 Chevrolet two-door post back in the 1950s. John cruised around Utah with the car, with Bo riding "shotgun" as he didn't have a car himself back then.
Click here to check out the interview at

Featured Videos


1965 NHRA Winter National Drag Races, Pomona--Redone
Almost 10 minutes of digitized and edited 8mm home videos taken by Mike Tyler at the 1965 NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California. Lots of pit area and return road images of many famous and not so famous muscle cars, gassers, and dragsters that "ruled' during the mid 1960s.
Click here to check out the movie


1958 MHRA Drag Race Lansing MI Featuring Speed Sport Roadster
This seven minute long 8mm home movie was recorded by Richard Cote of Dearborn, Michigan at a MHRA sanctioned drag race in Lansing, Michigan in 1958. Richard helped Larry Carline build the primered small block Chevy powered 1927 Ford Model T truck with the Paxton supercharger that can be seen in the movie.
Click here to check out the movie


Spritz by Fritz - Chop a Model A Top at Home
The man who gave us the Roswell Rod is out with another great how-to DVD. Fritz' third DVD is aimed at home builders that wants to perform a successful Model A chop at home, in their own garage, using their own tools. Work alongside Fritz in the garage as he chop a 1930 Ford Model A coupe 2 1/4 inches, fill the roof opening with an old Chevy station wagon donor panel, and show you every step of the way how he did it. Chopping a Model A Coupe has never looked easier!
Click here to check out the trailer



Kustomra'mag 5
Fifth issue of Kustomra'mag is just released. Kustomra'mag 5 features 80 pages of exclusive coverage from the A-Bombers Old Style Weekend 2008.

Click here to check out the fourth issue of Kustomra'mag


Kustomra'mag 4
Fourth issue of Kustomra'mag is just released. Kustomra'mag 4 features 80 pages coverage from the Jokers Car Show 2008, CKOS Lead Parkin' 2008 and Power Hot Rod Reunion 2008.

Click here to check out the fourth issue of Kustomra'mag


Kustomra'mag 3 - The Viva Las Vegas Special
Kustomra'mag 3 features 80 pages of exclusive coverage from the Shifters Car Show at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 2008. This is the biggest issue of Kustomra'mag so far.

Click here to check out the third issue of Kustomra'mag

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