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The X-2 around 1959.
The car as it looked after Vada had it painted orchid. Photo by George Barris
Photo by George Barris
The X-2 as it appeared in 1970

The X-2 was an experimental custom car owned and built by Raymond Besasie of Besasie Engineering in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The car was the second of 4 experimental cars built by Besasie. The X-2 featured a rear mounted 1956 Cadillac engine with two radiators which were fed with air through two side panel scoops. and 3/4 race cam,[2] producing 400 horsepowers. The body was built out of 16 gauge aluminum and the frame was made out of chrome moly tube. The car featured a wraparound windshield and a hydraulic sliding steel roof. The car had no opening doors, and the occupants had to climb up and over the door to enter or exit. The body was fit with a 4 foot fin. The taillights were seven-way, one for each specific circumstance. Once the bodywork was complete, it was painted light lemony yellow.[3] Styling was conceived by Raymond's son.[2]

In 1958 the X-2 was nominated as one of 28 "Top Customs of the Year" in Motor Life July 1958.[4] The car was also featured in a Clark gasoline commercial in the early 60's.[2]

The car was sold to Vada Schwartz from Phoenix, Arizona who owned a flower shop called My Florist Shop. She shipped the car to Barris Kustoms for a new paint job. The lemon color was not wat Vada wanted, Vada's shop was world-renowned for its imported orchids, so she asked George Barris to create a color blend in Candy Purple, just like one of her orchids. The interior was re-trimmed in matching orchid and parl Naugahyde.[5]

The car was last seen in a sad shape sitting next to a railroad in 1970.

Magazine Features

Motor Life July 1958
Trend Book 197 Custom Cars 1961 Annual


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