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Fritz Schenck aka Spitz by Fritz is out with another great how-to DVD. It's his third, and with a running time of over four hours, Fritz' two-disc set is aimed at home builders that wants to carry out a successful Model A chop at home, in their own garage, using their own tools. If you are planning on chopping a Model A coupe in the near future, or if you are just curious on how a proper chop is done, you better check out this DVD as you get a chance to work alongside Fritz in the garage as he chop a 1930 Ford Model A coupe 2 1/4 inches, fill the roof opening with an old Chevy station wagon donor panel, and show you every step of the way how he did it. All at home using with basic tools. Window garnish moldings, the windshield frame, nothing is left out, every step is covered.


Where to Buy it?

Click here to buy the movie from Spritz by Frtiz

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