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Stuart on the left along with Eddie Miller. Photo from the Stuart Hilborn collection.[1]

Stuart Hilborn was a member of the Santa Monica Low Flyers. Stuart would gain fame and fortune with his mechanical fuel injection systems, aka Hilborn. It was in the air force that a young Stu came up with a revolutionary new way to feed more fuel to an engine. The technological breakthrough earned Stu the reputation as the Father of Fuel Injection.[1]

SCTA News April 1946 could inform in their What's Doin' section, that Stu and Jim Travers of the Centuries car club took their roadster up to the Lakes for a trial run last Sunday. After putting in their own fuel mixture they turned the tach up to 4700 rpm's, running on 700 tires.[2]

Stuart ran for the Centuries car club, in the roadster class, at the El Mirage August 18, 1946 time trials event.[3]

Stuart Hilborn's Cars

Stuart Hilborn's Lakester
Stuart Hilborn's 1932 Ford Roadster


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