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The first version of the ZIS-112/1
The second version of the ZIS-112/1
A third version of the ZIS-112/1
Zis112-1 c.jpg
Zis112-1 d.jpg



In 1951 Russian automaker ZIS debuted its first ZIS-112 Concept Car. The car, known as the Cyclops, was designed by Valentine Rostkov. The two-seater prototype was heavily inspired by the 1951 GM LeSabre concept car. The car had a removable hard top, and was powered by 140 horsepower V-8 out of a ZIS-110. The car was later equipped by an 186 horsepower V-8 experimental engine with four carburetors. The car also featured an oil radiator and manual quick adjusting system for the ignition.

The ZIS 112 was used in several national Russian competitions. The first version of the car weighted 2450 kg, but during its racing days. the length was shortened, the weight reduced. The original version of the car was 6 meter long!


ZIS-112/2 was built in 1955 for the 1956 racing season. It was built in fiberglass in accordance with regulations of the FIA sports cars and had a 6000cc engine that was capable of 170hp at 3500 rpm. Being 5 feet long, the car had a weight of only 150 kg. Top speed was about 200 km / h. In 1956 Boris came 3rd in Kurbatov USSR championship with it.[1]


The third ZIS-112 was supposedly built in 1956 on the same chassis as 112/2. The car has different engine, and was powered by a V8 engine developed for experimental ZIL 111 limousine which provided 220hp.[1]




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