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Leo Lyons' Ultra Modern Merc of San Bernardino, California. The build was started in 1950, and completed in the Summer of 1959. Leo wanted to do something different. He wanted to build a custom car mostly from scratch. His initial plans called for building 10 identical custom Mercs, but only one, the prototype, was ever built.

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1950 Mercury Customs

Al Forrester's 1950 Mercury
The Solar Scene
Bill Cicerone's 1950 Mercury
Bill Wolfe’s 1950 Mercury
Bob Feldner's 1950 Mercury
Bob Lund's 1950 Mercury Convertible
Bob Reinfried's 1950 Mercury 4-door
Buddy Alcorn's 1950 Mercury
Dale Marshall's 1950 Mercury
Dave Marquez 1950 Mercury
Dawn Smith's 1950 Mercury 4-door
Dick Bailey's 1950 Mercury - The Dream Boat
Dick Schneider's 1950 Mercury
Don Pulford's 1950 Mercury
Ermie Immerso's 1950 Mercury
Frank Sonzogni's 1950 Mercury
Gene Strieter's 1950 Mercury
Gene Winfield's 1950 Mercury
Hank Barnum's 1950 Mercury
Jerry Reichman's 1950 Mercury 4-door
Jeff Neppl's 1950 Mercury
Johnny Macia's 1950 Mercury
Ken Bausert's 1950 Mercury Convertible
Larry Douglas' 1950 Mercury
Larry Lorenzo's 1950 Mercury Convertible
Leo Lyons' Ultra Modern Merc
Ralph Testa's 1950 Mercury Convertible
Richard Gregg's 1950 Ford Pickup - The Capri
Sonny Morris' 1950 Mercury - The Blue Mirage
Stanley Bennett's 1950 Mercury - The Scorpe<br Wally Welch's 1950 Mercury

Cars using 1950 Mercury Parts

Front Bumper
Frank Monteleone's 1941 Ford

Bob Hamke's 1927 Ford
Manuel Avila's 1940 Ford
C. C. Alexander's 1950 Ford Convertible

Fender Skirts
Junior Conway's 1950 Ford

Gravel Pan
Gerald Twamley's 1954 Chevrolet

Grille Shell
Bob Ramage's 1948 Dodge
Dave Peters' 1949 Ford
Duane Aspengren's 1949 Hudson - Night Train
Dick Del Curto's 1950 Ford
Jim Kilmer's 1950 Ford Tudor
Richard Gregg's 1950 Ford Pickup - The Capri
Tommy Inouye's 1950 Ford
Joe Bird's 1950 Chevrolet
George Growland's 1951 Ford Crestline
Marcel Lassale's 1952 Ford
Gerald Twamley's 1954 Chevrolet
Frank Monteleon's 1941 Ford

Dave Peters' 1949 Ford

Tom Pollard's 1929 Ford Roadster

Rear Window
Lanny Ericson's 1956 Chevrolet
Jerry Quesnel's 1949 Mercury

Steering Wheel
Nick Matranga's 1940 Mercury

Accessory Horn Ring:
Vic Collins' 1955 Chevrolet Truck - The Kopper Kart Klone

Marko Tuunanen's 1927 Studebaker
Tom Pollard's 1929 Ford Roadster
Chet Herbert's 1932 Ford 4-door Sedan
Otto Rhodes' 1953 Ford F-100 - The Mountain Pearl

Dick McClain's 1949 Hudson
Duane Aspengren's 1949 Hudson - Night Train
George Contaoi's 1955 Ford F-100
Richard Axcell's 1955 Ford F-100

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