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This photo is taken outside the Barris shop in the summer of 1957. Photo by George Contaoi.
Notice the crazy head Dean painted on the hood. Photo by George Contaoi.
The deck lid was also decorated with a crazy figure, pulling his guts out with its left hand, and shuving a nail in his ear with the right hand. Photo by George Contaoi.
Here you can spot the Barris Kustoms' 1949 Ford in the back. Photo by George Contaoi.
A close up on the hood. Photo by George Contaoi.
Photo by George Contaoi.
Photo by George Contaoi.
Photo by George Contaoi.
Photo from the Barry Mazza collection. Provided by Rik Hoving Custom Car Photo Archive

1947 Mercury restyled by Dean Jeffries. Dean bought the Mercury from his cousin after he had wrecked it. Jeffries' dad was part owner of a body and fender repair shop, and he repaired the car.[1]

When Dean got the car, it was light green. At the time he pinstriped out of George Cerny's shop. Jeffries didn't like green cars, and repainted it white with flames and pinstriping. Dean also lowered the car, Frenched the headlights, and fit it with a 1955 Ford grille. When he got the car, it was already fit with dual spotlights. The hood featured four rows of louvers, which Jeffries trimmed with flames.[1]

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