George Cerny's 1950 Plymouth

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Restyled once again, pictured outside of Cerny's Custom Shop
Photo by George Barris. From[1]
George showing the new Cadillac 331 engine
The Plymouth as it sits today

1950 Plymouth Suburban restyled by George Cerny of Cerny's Custom Shop in Compton, California. This is believed to be the first chopped station wagon.[2] George used it as his shop truck. But each of George's sons drove the suburban to high school up to the late 60's. The sons relocated it in 1988, sitting in a yard in Hesperia, California.[3] The previous owner had managed to crash car, ending up loosing all the custom work in the front. The front clip has been replaced by an original Plymouth unit. George Cerny Jr took it into his garage beginning to work on it. George died shortly after. His brother Roger Cerny, is currently restoring the car.[3] The car is in rough shape, the 331 cid Cadillac engine and transmission were missing when they found the car.[4] The craftmanship their father learned them will certainly come in hand while restoring the car back to its former glory.

The First Version Of The Suburban

George Chopped the top 3 inches in the front and 4 in the rear, the rear pilars were slanted forward. It was lowered 4 inches by using lowering blocks in the rear and by reworking the A-frames in the front. The wagon was push button operated, the buttons were concealed in the combined Chevrolet and Ford side stripping that were added to increase its apparent length.[2] George handformed a gently rounded grille opening and inserted a floating grille made out of 1953 Chevrolet and 1954 Chevrolet grille components. The headlights were frenched and a lip was made on top of the headlights. In the rear, 1936 Dodge taillights were frenched in the upper rear quarter panels.[2] The rear fenders were molded to the body. The car was sported by its original six cylinder Plymouth engine. Dual spotlights were added. George painted it in a two tone laquer combination of metallic maroon and beige. The car was pinstriped by Dean Jeffries, and the was the second thing he ever pinstriped. [5]

The Second Version Of The Suburban

George later replaced the floating grille with a 1954 Pontiac unit.[6] 1955 Chevrolet headlights were inserted. Fender spears from a 1950 Chevrolet were added.[6] The car was fitted with sidetrim from a 1955 Dodge. The taillights were replaced by 1955 Dodge units.[6] The car got painted in two tone yellow and purple. The stock straight six got swapped with a Cadillac 331 cid engine.[6] This version of George's Suburban was shown as the 2nd annual Long Beach Renegades Car Club Renecade July 4, 1957.[7]

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