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Larry Alvarado installing the rebuilt flathead in 1989.
Larry's coupe as it appeared in 1992.
The coupe as it sat in January 2010.
Matt Means woring on the stock top.
The coupe as it appeared in February 1st, 2010.
Tim and Matt wanted to maintain the original shape on the quarter windows.
Working on the roof panels.
This photo shows how much the roof was moved forward.
The coupe rolled outside February 19, 2010.
The coupe as it sat March 18, 2010. The fender skirts were donated by a previous owner.
The drip rails were extended down to the belt line.
April 9, 2010, almost ready for primer.
The coupe as it appeared May 8th, 2010.
May 14th, 2010 the coupe was primered.
The coupe mocked up with fender skirts.
By mid July the coupe was getting closer to paint, and Tim was working on fitting up the trim.
After fitting all the trim, Tim drove the car around in primer for a couple of weeks before he tore it down for paint.
By September 27, 2010 the car was painted in a red maroon solid base.
The coupe during assembly October 10th, 2010.
Tim's coupe made its debut at the 2010 Cavaliers Car Show October 16, 2010.
The car as it sat in November 2010.

1941 Ford Business Coupe originally owned and restyled by Larry Alvarado. Larry found the car in Burbank, California in 1984. When he found the car, it was beat up and bone stock. Larry cleaned it up and rebuilt the motor, while a friend filled the hood and sunk in the rear license plate. The coupe was lowered by reversing the spring eyes and installing long shackles. Larry sold the coupe in 2004.[1]

In December 2009 Long Beach Cavaliers member Tim Musico bought the coupe. Tim had just sold his 1928 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup and was looking for a new project. When Tim bought the coupe it had changed hands a couple of times since Larry sold it and someone had replaced the flathead with a small block Chevy engine and installed an air bag suspension. In March 2010 Tim had Matt Means of Department of Customz in Anaheim, California chop the top on the coupe.[2] Matt chopped 5 inches off the B-pillar, and moved the roof 5 inches forward. The rear window was slightly slanted and a new panel was made to fill the gap above the trunk. After the top was chopped, Tim extended the drip rails down to the belt line. May 5th, 2010: Tim had finished the body work on the car,and the coupe was ready for several coats of primer. By then the coupe had been given with a pair of fender skirts that Tim bought from its previous owner Larry Alvarado, who had seen the build on the HAMB. Tim wanted the car to retain its stock factory look, but with a mild chop, so he kept all the trim, door handles, taillights, drip rails, and gas door. To maintain that look he decided also to not mold the fenders to the body. In order to make sure nothing funny would happen to the bodywork before paint, Tim drove the car around in primer for a couple weeks before he painted it. Having a hard time deciding what color to paint the car, Tim settled for a maroon solid base and the car was painted in late September 2010. The color was an early 1980s Jaguar color that he mixed with black tint until he got the red he desired.[3]

October 16, 2010: Tim's coupe made its debut at the 2010 Cavaliers Car Show in Long Beach, California. The car wasn't completely done by then as Tim still had to finish glass and some other details. By November 4, 2010 all the glass was in, and Tim had completed his build.[3]


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