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Don's Ford at the Motorama.

1949 Ford owned and restyled by Don Ferrera. Don worked as a fireman and decided to restyle his Ford while he was on vacation to southern California. Don nosed and decked the car. The hood was also peaked. The stock grille was removed, and the lower leading edge of the hood was extdended down to the approximate position of the old grille's lip bar. Don added a tapered, protruding flange to the lower edge. The flange carries the contour of the hood down just under the headlights and around the front fender panels. The headlights were tunneled, and fit with a short, solid cover lid at the top. This was done by using 1951 Ford headlight rims solidly brazed and molded to the exterior of the fenders. 1952 Ford headlight rims were fitted and used inside. The homemade grille was made from 1952 Lincoln bumper components. When the car was featured in Trend Book 116 Custom Cars 1955 Annual the grille was not completely done yet as it war missing a small floating chrome bar that was supposed to fill in the large blank area just below the hood. The front fender wheel opening were closed-in at the top slightly by using sheet metal and a short molded flange. The contour of the Mercury skirts were altered to the extent of being narrowed slightly from the top. The leading edge was cut in a more vertical line, while the trailing edge had a nice rounded drop. The door handles were shaved and replaced by electric solenoids. The outside pushbuttons were positioned in the forward section of the stock chromed strip on each side. The decked trunk lid was also electrically operated. Side strip, rear bumper, and the trunk hinges were replaced by 1950 Ford items. A Chevrolet rear license plate bumper bracket was adapted to the 1950 Ford rear bumper. The stock taillights were discarded, and the frames widened in order to fit two 1952 Buick taillight lenses each. The gas filler was also removed, and repositioned into the trunk.[1]

Don's shoebox was powered by an Oldsmobile power plant. The car was lowered 2 inches in the rear using lowering blocks. The car run in 7.10 x 15 tires in front, and 7.60 x 15 in the rear. The car was painted in a 1953 Cadillac Pastoral blue.[1] Total cost of the build was only $ 400.

Magazine Features

Honk October 1953
Car Craft May 1954
Trend Book 116 Custom Cars 1955 Annual



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