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The Fleetline outside The House in Lynwood that George Barris used as back drop in many of his photos. Photo by Jay Mason
As the car appeared in 2005 when Brad bought it. Photo by Brad Masterson.
The car had still the original paint. Photo by Brad Masterson.
The upholstery was stock as well. Photo by Brad Masterson.
The stock 216 cid inline six was in when Brad first used it as a daily driver. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
The taillights were the first thing Brad tackled. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
The line which marked the initial cut. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Bill Hines investigating in the trunk. Photo by Brad Masterson.
The top lowered and tacked into place. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Bill grinding paint. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
Here you'll see the difference on the front windshield height. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Bill taking a picture of the car. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Side profile of the chop. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
Next to Jack Rudy's 1952 Chevrolet which is covered in primer. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Applying primer in the driveway. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
Brad frenching the headlights. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
Right after it received 4 coats of lacqer, here shown un-polished. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Polished and prepped. Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Brad Masterson.
Photo by Jay Mason
Photo by Bo Bertilsson
Photo by Bo Bertilsson
Photo by Bo Bertilsson
Photo by Bo Bertilsson
Brad's Chevy and Jeff Neppl's 1950 Mercury at the famous Lynwood City Hall in 2008. Photo by Jay Mason
Brad's Chevrolet at Billetproof Nor-Cal in September 2009.[1]

1951 Chevrolet Fleetline owned and restyled by Beatniks Car Club member Brad Masterson of Masterson Kustom Automobiles in Lynwood, California. One morning in 2005 while reading the local newspaper Brad found an add for a 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline. The price was right, only $4000, however it was localized in Colorado. The car had been in Colorado all its life, and it had normal body rot. Brad was on the look for a Fleetline, ever since he found some old photos of Tony Tellez' 1951 Chevrolet, he wanted one to make similar. But all the projects he looked at in California was out of his price range. This one really looked nice, and the owner could ship it to Los Angeles. It had original paint and upholstery, and was a good car to make a nice custom out of.[2]

He got hold of a Kaizer bumper overrider, similar to Tony's Chevy, but he ended up trading it for material with Bill Hines. He used the car as his daily driver while he worked at Bill, with 6V, stock inline six, and three speed on the column. The transmission leaked really bad, and eventually died. So he installed a 5 speed from a 1990 Chevrolet Camaro, along with a 235 cid from a late 1950s truck. While being at a car show in Detroit, Bill and Brad spotted a chopped fleetline done by the Gas Monkey Garage. Bill said; "That's your car! But we're not gonna chop it like that!" So when they came back to California, Bill ordered Brad to remove all the glass, and make it ready for a haircut. Up front, the chopped the a post 4", and the rear was just brought down until it looked nice. The way they did it, was to sink the entire top with deck lid assembly down between the rear fenders, so you did not have to mess with the deck lid. After he did removed the taillights, and making new temporary ones in the bumper guards. Originally, he planned to install taillights from a 1950 Dodge, but everybody thought the bumper guard lights looked so nice, so he stuck to them. He frenched the headlights, removed the door handles and filled the side trim holes. The first grille he had, did not feature a center bar, but a gold mesh screen. Later on he got hold of a nice stock grille bar that he installed. The bumper guards up front were also removed. He shaved the hood, deck lid to achieve a cleaner appearance, the deck lid was electrically operated by using a 1980s Cadillac latch. [2]

He painted the car candy apple green, with paint mixed by Bill Hines. The engine was dressed up with dual carburetors mounted on an Offenhauser intake. Dual exhaust was made, with Fenton headers. He found a nice 1954 Pontiac grille bar that he eventually installed. In 2011, he applied 1953 Packard trim spears. The upholstery was first done as it was stock. However being driven daily, it soon got ruined. A new tuck & roll upholstery was fabricated in 2011, by David, done in charcoal grey with white tuck & roll. An accessory butterfly steering was installed, along with a chromed glove box door. Up front, it sports Firestone 6.40-15 tires with 1953 Cadillac hubcaps.[2]

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Kustoms Illustrated 18
Wheels Magazine August 2008



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