Mike Monteleone's 1957 Oldsmobile

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Mike standing proudly beside his Oldsmobile, a testament to the custom car culture of the 1960s. The vehicle, enhanced by the skilled craftsmanship of Bill Cushenbery, boasts a nosed and decked front end and a distinctive custom grille. Photo courtesy of Richard Houser.
Mike's Olds featured a striking coat of candy pearl paint that shimmered in a shade of Burgundy. Photo courtesy of Richard Houser.
Mike's Oldsmobile at an indoor car show. As Richard Houser shared with Sondre Kvipt of Kustomrama in March of 2024, this automotive work of art was sold in the San Fernando Valley and has since become a dream lost in time. If you have any leads, reach out to mail@kustomrama.com and help restore a dream once driven. Photo courtesy of Richard Houser.

Lost & Found - Cushenbery Custom Shop

1957 Oldsmobile owned by Mike Monteleone of Van Nuys, California — a hot spot for rods and customs at the time. Built by Bill Cushenbery at Cushenbery Custom Shop in 1965-66, this mild custom embodies the spirit of an era and the dreams of its young owner, reflecting the vibrant car culture that thrived in the San Fernando Valley during the mid-1960s.[1]

The Making of a Personal Masterpiece

Bill Cushenbery, known for his craftsmanship, had moved his shop from North Hollywood to Burbank when he took Mike's Oldsmobile and transformed it with a series of subtle yet impactful modifications. The car was nosed and decked and dressed up with a custom grille that was fabricated by Steve Harper, who worked for Bill at the time. Bill lowered the car and installed modified Cadillac Eldorado wheels that he had designed. The build was finished with a striking coat of candy pearl paint that shimmered in a shade of Burgundy.[1]

Where is it Now?

In March of 2024, Richard Houser told Sondre Kvipt of Kustomrama that his cousin Mike sold the car in the San Fernando Valley. Years have passed since the car was last in Mike's possession, and the desire to find it has grown. Richard's retelling of this tale isn't just about reminiscing; it's an appeal to the community of car enthusiasts and historians to help locate the old Cushenbery Olds. This search isn't about reclaiming a famous piece of automotive history but about reconnecting with a personal dream that's been lost to time. Please get in touch with Kustomrama at mail@kustomrama.com if you have any info to share about Mike's lost custom.



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