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Håkan's Ford as it appeared when it was featured in Wheels Augusti 1992.
Construction photos.
Pekka "Wizzard" Mannermaa pinstriping the truck.
Göran's pickup as it appeared when it was featured in Power Magazine Nummer 6, 1999 Dec-Febr. These photos were taken at a Power Magazine show in Ö-Vik.
Göran made a bed for the pickup out of stainless steel. The bed could be lowered and raised by an electric jack.
Göran upholstered the pickup himself in black vinyl.
The Ford as it appeared whe Einar bought it from Sweden. Photo courtesy of Tor Audun Solum Andreassen.
Photo courtesy of Tor Audun Solum Andreassen.
The pickup as it appeared when it was advertised for sale in 2006.
Sondre with his truck July 7, 2006, just days after he had picked it up in Drammen. Photo by Stian Nybru.
Photo by Stian Nybru.
Photo by Stian Nybru.
Photo by Stian Nybru.
Photo by Stian Nybru.
The truck as it appeared July 24, 2006.
The '34 as it sat in July 2007.
Sondre's pickup as it appeared in September 2007
Sondre's '34 as it appeared in October of 2015. Photo courtesy of Sondre Kvipt - Kustomrama.
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1934 Ford Pickup originally owned and built by Flatout Rodders member Håkan Lundberg of Skelleftehamn, Sweden. The truck was built out of the remains of a rusted out 1934 Ford Fourdoor. The stock sedan body was shorten, chopped, and installed on a 1980 Mazda pickup chassis. As Håkan had discovered that the wheelbase on the Mazda was only 2 cm longer then the 1934 Ford he decided that the Mazda chassis would be perfect for his pickup build. The engine and radiator were moved back 30 cm, and the frame horns were cut in front of the front suspension. As the body was built on a chassis that previously had been registered in Sweden, the car would pass as a modified car, and not as a frame-swap. The truck did therefore keep its old Mazda identity, and Håkan saved himself about 15.000 SEK in taxes that a frame-swap would have involved.

The first version of the car was painted yellow, and featured fiberglass fenders and a wooden bed. Hood and hoodsides were handmade. Håkan sold the car to fellow club member Göran Lundemark who completed the build and fit it with a homemade bed made from stainless steel.[4] An electric jack was installed to lower and raise the bed. Once the body work was done, Göran painted the car in an orange Harley Davidson color. Inside, Göran upholstered the car himself in black vinyl.[5]

Einar Jacobsen of Norway bought the car at the Wheels Nat`s Norr in Umeå 2002.[6] After long time sickness, Einar died in September 2005. In June 2006 Einar's widow decided to sell the truck. The truck was advertised for sale on AutoDB, and Coupe Devils member Sondre Kvipt of Oslo, Norway stumbled across the ad just minutes after it had been published. The truck was located in way up north in Ballangen, Norway. The price was right, and as Sondre felt he had found a perfect daily winter driver, so he bought the car over the phone without even seeing it. The deal was closed, and the truck was loaded on a train and sent to Drammen where Sondre picked it up. When Sondre bought the car in 2006 it had been given a street rod treatment featuring billet wheels and a bright orange color. The car was pinstriped by Pekka "Wizzard" Mannermaa, and featured a black rolled and pleated interior. With help from Kjetil Kvipt and Olav Kvipt the car was sanded down and repainted in a flat brown color. The billet wheels were replaced by steelies from a 1941 Chevrolet Coupe, and the original bumpers were removed. The wheels were sandblasted and painted glossy black before they were fit with blackside Firestone biases from Coker Tires. When Sondre got the car it featured four 1959 Cadillac taillights, Sondre replaced these with two 1955 Pontiac taillights fit with shortened down 1959 Cadillac taillights in the center. The car was finished just in time for the 2005 A-Bombers Old Style Weekend in Uddevalla, Sweden. By the end of the 2006 season the Swedish pinstriper Von Sven painted a Cyclone Racing Equipment logo on the doors of the car. This was done at the 2006 A-Bombers Old Style Weekend in Uddevalla, Sweden.

During the winter of 2008 Sondre fit the car with headlights from a 1936 Ford, and one week before the 2009 A-Bombers Old Style Weekend Kjetil Kvipt fabricated a rolled pan for the car out of sheet steel. The new rolled pan was fit with 1941 Chevrolet taillights and a sunken license plate. At the same time, the rear fenders were also raised in the back in order to flow better with the car.

Magazine Features

Wheels Augusti 1992
Power Magazine Nummer 6, 1999 Dec-Febr



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