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Ted's Chevrolet as it appeared when it was featured on the cover of Car Craft May 1956. These photos were taken at an early stage, before the 1955 Motor Revue and Motorama, and before the chromed trim teeth were mounted in the scoops on the rear quarter panels.
Ted's Chevy on the cover of Car Craft May 1956
Ted's Chevrolet at the 6th annual Motor Revue and Motorama, October 14-23, 1955. This version featured chromed teeth inside the scoop openings.
Another photo of Ted's Chevrolet at an indoor show. Pete Brock's 1946 Ford can be seen in the background.
Ted Leventhal's 1951 Chevrolet Convertible. Named the Last Hura, Ted's 1951 Chevrolet is a clone of the 1950 Chevrolet that Ted owned in the 1950s. The clone made its debut at the 2017 Grand National Roadster Show in January of 2017.

1950 Chevrolet Convertible restyled by Emory Robinson's Custom Shop for Oakland Swanx member Ted Leventhal of Oakland, California. Ted brought his daily driver over to Emory Robinson's Custom Shop for a makeover in 1955. Starting at the front, the headlights on the Chevrolet were deeply recessed into rims that were made by sheet metal containers which were molded to the fenders. The hood-corners were rounded, and the hood was shaved and peaked. The rest of the exterior trim were discarded as well. The grille shell was rounded and the front gravel pan was molded to the fenders. The unique grille was handmade from chromed copper tubing and sheet metal. Directional lights were mounted in the outside units with off-shade green plastic lenses inserted. In the back, the rear fenders were extended 3 inches using round rod to create smooth lens openings. The taillights were hand-made out of clear plastic with red tinted plastic backing laminated to the inner side. Twin radio antennas were added above the taillights. Simulated air scoops were built into the leading edges of the rear fenders. The bumpers were cleaned to achieve a smoother appearance, except for the molded in 1949 Chevrolet front license guard that was placed on the rear bumper. The exhaust tips were routed through the rear bumper on each side of the license guard. Fender skirts were added to accentuate the car's already low stance. The fender skirts were filled to match the lower body lines. The car was lowered five inches both front and rear. Custom hubcaps featuring knockoff spinners were added. San Leandro Seat Cover Center stitched up a new two-tone green and white interior. The floor rugs were gray with white piping. The green and white color combo matched the exterior color well. Pinoli's Body and Paint Shop gave the car a green Candy Apple paint job.[1] George Barris once said this about Ted's convertible: "As far as I know, this was the first car painted in what became known as Candy Apple. At the time the car was built (1955), the paint applied by Mel Pinoli's Body and Paint Shop in San Leandro, California, was called green iridescent lacquer. Many people credit Joe Bailon with being the first to apply candy, but I'm sure he will agree that while he might have been the first to apply Candy Red, Pinoli's was the first Candy job."[2] A pinstriped raised section divided the two tone paint job. According to Car Craft May 1956. The build costed Ted $2200 to complete. Ted's Chevrolet was shown at the 6th annual Motor Revue and Motorama, October 14-23, 1955. This version featured chromed teeth mounted inside the simulated air scoops on the quarter panels. These were not installed yet when the car was featured on the cover of Car Craft May 1956, so those photos had to be taken before October 14, 1955. At the show, the car was displayed in front of a large Oakland Swanx banner. Later on Ted became a member of the Satan's Angels car club.[3]

The Last Hura

In January of 2017 Ted debuted a clone of the car, named the Last Hura, at the 68th annual Grand National Roadster Show.

Magazine Features and Appearances

Car Craft May 1956
Custom Cars September 1957



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