Carl Tucker's 1961 Ford

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A photo of Carl's Ford taken at his house in Panorama City in 1967 or 1968, just after Walt Prey had striped it. Photo courtesy of Carl Tucker.

1961 Ford owned by Carl Tucker of Panorama City, California.

Chocolate Brown Paint Job

Running on Astro Supreme wheels, Carl's Ford featured a Chocolate Brown paint job. A Metalflake and Lace paint job made the top stand out. Carl originally approached Bill Carter about the paint job. "Carter was my first choice but he was too busy," Carl told Sondre Kvipt of Kustomrama in 2017. "So allot of us went to a place on van Nuys Blvd down from Bob's called “ Carcoa.” Carcoa was an upscale Earl Schiebe place. Most of us had no money, so allot ended up there. They did good work. Not show quality but I was only 18 or so."[1]

Pinstriped by Walt Prey

In 1967 or 1968, while attending the James Monroe High, Carl brought the car to Bill Carter's Carter Pro Paint to have it pinstriped by Walt Prey. Walt striped the car in cream and white. "Man, this guy could lay down some lines!" Carl remembered being there when he striped it. "Carter's shop was over by Valley College in the Valley. I pulled in. He walked over. We talked a bit. He walked around the car, got a brush and just started running lines. No layout. No grease pencil. No tape. Just running wild! And they were straight. Beautiful! I was blown away!"[1]

Good times

"During that time period it was very popular in the valley to write a saying or a girl's name on the back window," Carl recalled. "Then head down to Van Nuys Blvd. Pass Tommy's en route to Bob's Big Boy. Cruise around across from Otto's Pink Pig (restaurant,) then back up and start all over again." Carl had a sound light bar in the Ford that was tied to a 45 player. "It always amazed me that the records never skipped!"[1]

Almost drafted

Carl almost got drafted and was sent to Vietnam. "I was going strong, so I joined the Navy and ended up selling the car."[1]



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