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Gordy Brown's First 1954 Ford Skyliner. Gordy's first Skyliner was customized in 1957.
Gordy Brown's Second 1954 Ford Skyliner. Gordy's second Skyliner was shown in the early 1960s.
Ron Lerdahl's 1960 Cadillac Eldorado featured a candy apple red paint job by Gordy.
Dick and Doris Vanadrigham's 1954 Chevrolet, of Salt Lake City, Utah, was restyled by Gordy Brown in the early 1960s.
Gordy Brown's 1963 Ford Thunderbird. The Thunderbird was built by Gordy at House of Customs around 1963/1964, and it featured hydraulic lifts on all four corners so he could raise it up by the touch of a switch. The Thunderbird was the first car Gordy built after moving to California.
A business card for Gordy's House of Customs.
Dave Sgambellone's 1951 Chevrolet Coupe. Gordy restyled Dave's Coupe after opening up House of Customs in San Fernando, California in the mid 1960s.
A 1964 or 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle that Gordy gave a custom paint job after he had moved back to Salt Lake City from Southern California in the early 1970s. This kind of paint style was pretty new to Salt Lake City at the time. Photo from The Gordy Brown Photo Collection.
Gordy Brown's 1951 Ford Victoria. Gordy restyled the Victoria in the mid to late 1980s.
Scott Andersen's 1954 Ford Skyliner, Fine Wine, was restyled by Gordy Brown in the late 1980s.
Glen Hooker's 1939 Mercury, The Caribbean. Gordy bought the old Valley Custom in the late 1990s.

Gordy Brown of Salt Lake City, Utah has been into hot rods and customs for the most of his life. At age 14 he got his first car, a 1947 Ford tudor sedan. The tudor was lowered front and rear and all emblems were removed. Blue dot taillight lenses were installed in the rear and brand new 1954 Buick headlight doors up front. The headlight doors were bought right off the dealers parts shelf. The door handles were shaved and covered with a second set of hood moldings from the local wrecking yard. The hood moldings had to be cut down to fit the doors. The car was dark blue with black primer spots over the bodywork. The rims were painted red and whitewalls were painted on with whitewall tire paint from the local parts store.[1]

At age 16, Gordy bought a four years old 1954 Ford Skyliner. At the time he was a member of the Saints of Salt Lake City. He ended up putting his first Skyliner away so he could build another 1954 Ford Skyliner. At the time he had moved on to become a member of the Crusaders of Salt Lake City car club. This one was done in Candy Red and it was showed in the early 1960s. After the Crusaders, Gordy joined the Radicals of Salt Lake City car club as well.[1]

After building his second 1954 Ford Skyliner, Gordy moved to Southern California where he opened up a custom body shop named House of Customs in San Fernando. In the early 1960s Utah passed a law against altered suspension. That pretty well killed customs in Utah, and it was partly the reason why Gordy decided to move to Southern California, where customizing was still strong. The first car Gordy built after moving to California was a customized 1963 Ford Thunderbird. The T-Bird was Gordy's personal driver. After getting a ticket in the freshly done T-Bird somewhere around 1964, Gordy decided to install hydraulic lifts on the car.[1]

Gordy moved back to Salt Lake City in the early 1970s.

Having a soft spot for the Skyliner glass tops, Gordy built a third 1954 Ford that he called "Deja Vu" and he is in the progress of chopping and sectioning a fourth one for himself after he has restored the first one back to its 1950s configuration.[1]

Gordy Brown's Cars

Glen Hooker's 1939 Mercury
John Williamson's 1940 Mercury Convertible
Gordy Brown's 1951 Ford Victoria
Gordy Brown's 1953 Lincoln
Gordy Brown's First 1954 Ford Skyliner
Gordy Brown's Second 1954 Ford Skyliner
Gordy Brown's Third 1954 Ford Skyliner - Deja Vu
Gordy Brown's 1958 Ford Thunderbird
Gordy Brown's 1963 Ford Thunderbird

Cars Painted or Restyled by Gordy Brown

Dick and Doris Vanadrigham's 1954 Chevrolet
Scott Andersen's 1954 Ford Skyliner -Fine Wine
Ron Lerdahl's 1960 Cadillac Eldorado

Cars Restyled by Gordy Brown at House of Customs

Click here to see cars restyled by Gordy at House of Customs in San Fernando, California



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