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Jack Nethercutt's 1952 Oldsmobile Holiday 98 of Santa Monica, California. Jack bought the Oldsmobile in 1953. He was 16 years old at the time, and he drove his brand new Oldsmobile straight from the Oldsmobile dealer to Barris Kustoms to have it restyled. Once completed, the car got its power from a gold-plated 1953 Cadillac engine. Because of its extensive use of gold plating, the Olds was often called the "Goldsmobile," although its real name was "Vienesse."
The Mirage was a race car that Peter Brock designed for Jack in the mid-1960s. The car was envisioned as the pinnacle Can Am car during the series' inception. Financial constraints, stemming from opposition by Jack's father, delayed its completion by two years. By the time it was finished, the "low drag" style Mirage, designed before aero downforce became crucial in racing, was outdated. Notably, it was among the first with a monocoque chassis, even having monocoque wheels. With a lightweight Olds V8 engine, it could've been revolutionary if completed sooner. But by its debut, it was obsolete, though still beautifully designed. Bill Fowler, formerly Dan Gurney's crew chief, ensured the car's impeccable construction. Jack initially drove it but later allowed others when its non-winning potential became clear. Later, family disputes arose when Jack aimed to take over his father's business. The car was ordered destroyed by JN Sr., though whispers suggest it might have survived, waiting for a potential return as a vintage racer. Only time will tell.[1]

Jack Nethercutt of Santa Monica, California. Jack is the son of J.B. Nethercutt, an American entrepreneur who co-founded Merle Norman Cosmetics.

Jack Nethercutt's Cars

Jack Nethercutt's 1952 Oldsmobile Holiday 98 - The Vienesse
Jack Nethercutt's Mirage



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