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Janne chopped the top on Ilkka Suokkola's 1946 Ford Club Coupe in 2003.
Janne chopped the top on Janne Salonen's 1953 Chevrolet in 2009.
A Volvo Amazon combi Janne and his little brother chopped for Ilkka Suokkola in their parking lot in 2001.
Kustomrama Styling Studio no. 6 - 1966 BMW 1600 Euro-Boulevard cruiser designe by Janne.
Kustomrama Styling Studio no. 4 - 1963 Buick Riviera boulevard cruiser designed by Janne.
Kustomrama Styling Studio no.3, a 1937 Cadillac V16 Series 90 Fleetwood 2 Passenger Coupe designed by Janne. Click here for more information.
A concept illustration of "Sophia" by Janne. Janne's illustration incorporates John and Oz's initiall design. Main features includes a chopped and hardtopped Matranga style roof and side windows, restyled runningboards, molded fenders, flush mounted fenderskirts and dropped headlights. The coupe has been shaved for handles, ornamentation and turn signals, and it has been dressed up with custom made sidetrim, Appleton spotlights and 1953 Cadillac hubcaps. The front bumper ends have been altered slightly and the centerpieces between the bumper guards have been removed. The paintjob is a light green fadeaway.
A concept illustration of Timo Hersti's 1938 Buick Convertible by. On this illustration from 2011 Timo's Buick has been chopped and fit with a removable padded top. The headlights have been dropped, and the door handles and side grilles on the hood have been shaved. The car is painted in a dark metallic copper paint, and features Appleton spotlights and 1952 Buick hubcaps
A Lincoln Vehicle Project Janne completed in 2008.
Three different 1940 Buick kustom concepts by Janne from 2007.
The hardtop version from above coming alive.
A 1948 Buick Sedanette "Pininfarina" concept from 2007.
The interior Janne did for the Pininfarina Buick.
A 1931 Ford Model A Coupe illustration from 2007.
A concept rendering of Janne Salonen's 1953 Chevrolet from 2006.
A convertible concept rendering of Janne Kutja's 1947 Ford from 2006.
A hardtop concept rendering of Janne Kutja's 1947 Ford from 2006.
A Ford Thunderbird concept from 2006.
A 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe illustration from 2006.
A Harley Davidson Pan Shovel illustration from 2006.
A 1936 Ford 3-Window Coupe illustartion from 2005.
A 1960 Oldsmobile Speedster concept from 2004.

Janne Kutja is an artist and designer born in the small town of Tuusula in Southern Finland. Janne has drawn cars all his life, but started to focus more on hot rods and customs at the age of ten. Much of his inspiration came from US magazines that included the work of artists such as Thom Taylor, Steve Stanford and Chip Foose. He tried to copy their drawing styles, but it was very difficult because he had only colored pencils to use, while their sketches were done using markers and airbrush, something Janne didn't know back then. Janne's interest in cars encouraged him to to study industrial design at the Lahti Polytechnics Institute of Design. In 2008 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lahti.[1]

Janne has always built model cars and such, and kustoms were a pretty natural thing for him. His favorite era is the 1940s and early 1950s, but he can also dig the clean 1960s stuff as well. He is partial to the old style, but he also like older cars built with modern touches as well, and he even like to try his hand at new car styling too. Janne does everything from custom concepts and illustrations for private customer to work for big companies and magazines. He has designed cars for magazines and people from all over the world. He works mostly with Copic and AD markers, colored pencils and Copic ink with airbrush. He also does traditional painting with water, oil and acrylic colors.[1]

Janne has also built several full size cars as well during the years, and he is currently working on a 1947 Ford club coupe that has been chopped, channeled and converted into a hardtop. Another car he currently have is a Volvo PV 544 that he chopped several years ago. Janne has also done a couple of top-chops for friends as well. [1]

Contact Janne Kutja

Janne Kutja can be reached through his website www.jannekutja.com or through the following email: janne.kutja@gmail.com

Janne Kutja's Cars

Janne Kutja's 1947 Ford Club Coupe
Janne Kutja's 1951 Chevrolet
Janne Kutja's 1963 Volvo PV 544

Cars Restyled by Janne Kutja

Ilkka Suokkola's 1946 Ford Club Coupe
Janne Salonen's 1953 Chevrolet

Rod & Custom Dream Car of the Month Stories by Janne Kutja

1950 Baby Lincoln/ Buick Dream Car - Custom Blend
1954 Buick Dream Car- Royal Purple
Auburn Boattail Speedster - Spectacular Speedster
1946 Cadillac Coupe Custom - Black Winter Day

1941 Willys Custom - Willys With Elegance


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