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Bruno and Reino Maki's 1953 Oldsmobile convertible of Fitchburg, Massachusetts was built sometime between 1953 and 1955. Bruno and Reino's father was a Finish immigrant.
Felix Fredlund's 1959 Mercury Monterey is one of the oldest customs in Finland. Felix bought the car in 1978 and planned to restore it back to original. A photo of the Gene Winfield built Jade Idol changed Felix's mind, and he set out to customize it instead. The first version of the car featured a gold and red fadeaway paint job and wire wheels. According to Janne, the interior is amazing. "It's red velvet with swivel seats and an u-shaped rear seat. And of course a table with glasses. Light comes from a little chandelier!!!" The car is still in use, and according to rumors, the current owner plans to restore it back to that gold and red version. Photo from The Janne Lepola Collection.
Jari Itäsaari's 1962 Chevrolet custom of Lathi, Finland. This one was built in the late 1980s, and according to Janne Lepola, it is one of the most beautiful Suomi Kustom Chevy's of that era. "Sadly it has disappeared. Born four-door. Of course." Photo courtesy of Janne Lepola.
Jari Kilkki's 1960 Cadillac custom from Kotka. This was the first chopped 1960 Cadillac in Finland. It was stock when Jari got it in 1990. He still owned it in 2022. Photo courtesy of Janne Lepola.
Kalle Uusitalo's 1961 Cadillac custom of Loimaa, Finland. Loimaa is a small town with a lot of US cars, and Kalle built this Cadillac custom in the early 1990s.
Ari Lattunen's 1963 Chevrolet of Finland. Known as The Banana Split, the car was built from a four-door in the early 1990s.
Henrik Forss' Bucket T of Stockholm, Sweden. The second version of Henrik's T Bucket was completed late in 2001. Henrik sold the car to Finland around 2001 - 2002.
Miikka Salminen's 1936 Dodge Coupe of Finland. Miikka's coupe was restyled by Miikka and Hersti AutoShop, and the build was completed in 2013.
Jani Huhtamäki's 1939 Mercury Coupe of Tuusula, Finland. The build was started in the Spring of 2017.
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Timo Hersti's 1941 Lincoln Zephyr of Tuusula, Finland. The coupe was restyled by Timo at his Hersti AutoShop. He completed the build early in 2013, and it made it's first public debut at the 2013 Custom Motor Show in Elmia, Sweden.
Kari Saarela's 1949 Buick Roadmaster Sedanette - The Sledanette
Teemu Forsberg's 1930 Ford Model A Pick Up of Nurmijärvi, Finland. Teemu is a member of the Pistons car club, and the build was completed in 2018.
Marco Hämäläinen's 1975 Saab 96 of Orimattila, Finland. Known as the "WaSaabi," the bubble topped show car was a father and son project that got out of hand. The build was completed in the spring of 2021.
Arto Riip's 1937 Studebaker Dictator Coupe of Lieto, Finland. Named "Miracle," the car was restyled by Lumo Automotive. It made its debut at the 10th annual Kustom Kulture show in Helsinki in February 2024 and stands as a testament to the art of custom car modification, balancing historical preservation with innovative automotive design.
Tomahawk Town of Helsinki car club. The club was established in 1991.

Hot Rods of Finland

Marko Tuunanen's 1927 Studebaker
Henrik Forss' Bucket T
Teemu Forsberg's 1930 Ford Model A Pick Up
Jone Kaasinen's 1931 Ford Model A Pick Up

Custom Cars of Finland

Miikka Salminen's 1936 Dodge Coupe
Arto Riip's 1937 Studebaker Dictator Coupe - Miracle
Timo Hersti's 1938 Buick Convertible
Jani Huhtamäki's 1939 Mercury Coupe
Tomi Kangas' 1941 Chevrolet
Timo Hersti's 1941 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe
Esa Mikkonen's 1948 Cadillac
Kari Saarela's 1949 Buick Roadmaster Sedanette - The Sledanette
Arvi Hänninen's 1949 Checker Coupe
Pekka Wizzzard Mannermaa's 1949 Pontiac Streamliner
Petri Terho's 1952 Buick Super
Petri Terho's 1952 Pontiac Chieftan
Kalle Uusitalo's 1961 Cadillac
Ari Sinkkonen's 1962 Ford Galaxie XL
Ari Lattunen's 1963 Chevrolet - The Banana Split
Pekka Wizzzard Mannermaa's 1972 Buick Riviera
Marco Hämäläinen's 1975 Saab 96 - WaSaabi

Car Clubs of Finland

Tomahawk Town of Helsinki

Traditional Hot Rod and Custom Car Shows of Finland

American Car Show Helsinki
Do-Dads Offbeat Weekend
Galsa Race
Kustom Show Finland
Pistons Rumble

Custom, Body and Paint Shops of Finland

Hersti AutoShop

Finnish Artists

Janne Kutja
Pekka Wizzard Mannermaa

People of Finland

Ari Lattunen
Arto Riip
Arvi Hänninen
Esa Mikkonen
Harri Salakoski
Janne Kutja
Janne Lepola
Jone Kaasinen
Kalle Uusitalo
Kari Saarela
Marco Hämäläinen
Marko Tuunanen
Miikka Salminen
Pekka Wizzard Mannermaa
Petri Terho
Teemu Forsberg
Timo Hersti
Tomi Kangas


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