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Tommy Ivo's 1925 Ford Model T-Bucket of Burbank, California. Tommy was a member of the Road Kings, and he began building the car after seeing Norm Grabowski's 1922 Ford Model T-Bucket. He asked Norm if he would let him take some measurements off his car. Norm told him to fuck off, so Ivo took action on his own, and snuck into Grabowski’s garage so he could take all the critical measurements necessary to build his own version. The build was completed in 1956.
Don Prudhomme's 1927 Ford Model T Roadster. Dean Batchelor owned the car before Don. Dean worked part time at Valley Custom Shop, and the bodywork on the roadster was done at Valley Custom.

The Road Kings is a car club out of Burbank, California. The club was established in November of 1952 by Ralph Marshall. It was initially a drag racing club with a few hot rods mixed in. Some of the early members made reputations for their drag racing exploits later on, such as Don "The Snake" Prudhomme, Tommy Ivo, Tony Nancy, Tom McCourry, Bob Muravez, Roy Fjastad, Don Prieto, Don Johnson, Kenny Safford, Harry Hibler, Jimmy Miles, Don Gaide, Ralph Marshall, Skip Togerson and many more.[1]

Over the time, the club became more hot rod oriented, but they kept arranging a club drag racing series at the LA County Raceday in Palmdale every year. They also produced two charity car shows a year to benefit the high school auto shop programs. In 2012 the club was still active.[1]


Bob Muravez
Don Gaide
Don Johnson
Don Prieto
Don Prudhomme
Harry Hibler
Jimmy Miles
Kenny Safford
Ralph Marshall
Roy Fjastad
Skip Torgerson
Tom McCourry
Tommy Ivo
Tony Nancy

Club Cars

Tommy Ivo's 1925 Ford Model T-Bucket
Don Prudhomme's 1927 Ford Model T Roadster
Skip Torgerson's 1927 Ford Model T Roadster
Tommy Ivo's 1952 Buick Super



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