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Bello's Kustoms Bello's Kustoms is a custom body shop run and operated by Mike Bello. Located in San Diego, California, the shop has a focus on 1954 and earlier American-made cars. 1965 Pontiac Catalina - KKOA Dave Stuckey's 1965 Pontiac Catalina was exhibited at The Garage museum in Salina, Kansas in the summer of 2022. This is a brief presentation of the car. Car That Ate My Brain 2: Episode 1 Tweedy Pie History Car That Ate My Brain follows filmmaker, hot rod historian and builder Piero De Luca of Mad Fabricators in his quest to build a replica of the car known as "Tweedy Pie" a 1923 Model T Ford roadster made famous by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Revell and Roth turned the car into a famous model kit and influenced many selling over 11 million units to date. Hirohata Merc: Custom Legend "Hirohata Merc: Custom Legend" is a documentary about the legendary Hirohata Merc made by the Historic Vehicle Association. Made in partnership with Hagerty, Petersen Automotive Museum, and The Rodder's Journal, the 33-minute long documentary was released on YouTube in August of 2020. First Hydraulic Car by LowRidingTV.com "First Hydraulic Car" is a mini-documentary by LowRidingTV.com. Released on YouTube on September 28, 2010, this video shows Ron Aguirre and Emmanuelle Benoit with the remains of the X-Sonic show car. The 1957 Norwalk Motorcade A movie by Bob Stephenson from the 4th annual Norwalk Motorcade, an outdoor car show sponsored by the Norwalk Coachmen car club. Keith Christensen was the first President of the club and a founding member. AutopiaLA: Jerry Moffatt's 1939 Ford Los Angeles Custom Shawn Davis of AutotopiaLA takes the historic Jerry Moffatt's 1939 Ford Convertible for a spin. Warren Dorrill's Shark - 8MM Home Video 1949 Ford Club Coupe owned and restyled by Warren Dorrill of Gallup, New Mexico. Warren was a well-known bodyman and painter, and his 1949 Ford custom was known as "The Shark." Filmed back in the 1950s, this 8mm video comes from the collection of Warren's family. The Golden Sahara II // Mecum Indy 2018 March 14, 2018 Mecum Auctions announced that the Golden Sahara is one of their Main Attractions at the upcoming Indy 2018 auction. The auction will be held May 15-19, 2018 at Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Golden Sahara is offered without a reserve. Nick Matranga Merc Interview In 2003, when Ed Gallagher was working on producing Barris Kustoms of the 50's, he did an interview with the late Nick Matranga talking about his famous 1940 Mercury custom that was built at Barris Kustoms in 1949/1950. Bill Cushenbery's Silhouette II Space Coupe Restoration Project Loads Into Outlaw Garage In July of 2017 Barry H Gremillion made a deal with Nelson Vels at Outlaw Garage, and the project was moved to his shop in Santa Clarita Valley. After an 8 1/2 year delay the historic custom car restoration project finally resumes.


Silhouette II Space Coupe: Jim Roten Interview - January 5, 2017
Barry Gremillion interviews Jim Roten about the Silhouette II Space Coupe. In this movie, Jim who co-created the design for Bill Cushenbery, shares his drawings and thoughts about the historic car. Bill started working on the all aluminum Corvair powered car at his Monterey, California shop in 1963.
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1965 NHRA Winter National Drag Races, Pomona--Redone
Almost 10 minutes of digitized and edited 8mm home videos taken by Mike Tyler at the 1965 NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California. Lots of pit area and return road images of many famous and not so famous muscle cars, gassers, and dragsters that "ruled' during the mid 1960s.
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1958 MHRA Drag Race Lansing MI Featuring Speed Sport Roadster
This seven minute long 8mm home movie was recorded by Richard Cote of Dearborn, Michigan at a MHRA sanctioned drag race in Lansing, Michigan in 1958. Richard helped Larry Carline build the primered small block Chevy powered 1927 Ford Model T truck with the Paxton supercharger that can be seen in the movie.
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Spritz by Fritz - Chop a Model A Top at Home
The man who gave us the Roswell Rod is out with another great how-to DVD. Fritz' third DVD is aimed at home builders that wants to perform a successful Model A chop at home, in their own garage, using their own tools. Work alongside Fritz in the garage as he chop a 1930 Ford Model A coupe 2 1/4 inches, fill the roof opening with an old Chevy station wagon donor panel, and show you every step of the way how he did it. Chopping a Model A Coupe has never looked easier!
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Bob Li'l Axle Stewart: 1950s Hot Rods, the Dry Lakes, and the Dago Axle
Bob "Li'l Axle" Stewart is the son of the father of the Dago Axle, Ed "Axle" Stewart. Bob was born into the world of hot rods in 1934. 11 years old he turned a 98-mph time at El Mirage. Two years later he was already building his first hot rod, a 1932 Ford Victoria. Randy Johnson of Johnson ArtWorks has made a video interview with Bob filled with great old photos!
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Kings of Kustoms - Gene Winfield
Kings of Kustoms have just released a documentary about legendary customizer Gene Winfield. Through this DVD we get to know the real Gene Winfield as we follow him race through the El Mirage dry lake at 200 miles per hour, build hot rods, custom, show and movie cars, paint his signature fade paint jobs, charm girls and dream about his next creation. Don't miss this 90 minute long tribute to one of our greatest heroes!
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Prewar Dry Lakes Hot Rod Racing in 8mm
Dave Welles' dad used to race his AV8 roadster at the dry lakes when he was in high school, prior to WWII. Dave's uncle Tommy Lorbeer, who had an 8mm camera, used to tag along. This amazing footage was filmed by Tommy at Harper Dry Lake in 1940. This amazing, 5 minute long movie is filled with timeless pre-war hot rods and kustoms such as 1937 Kurtis Tommy Lee Special.
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Mad Fabricators Society Volume 6
For fans of Mad Fabricators Society it feels like we have been waiting for a new Mad Fabricators Society DVD to come out for ages. Mad Fabricators Society Volume 6 is finally just around the corner, and after watching the latest trailer I'm sure it will be worth the wait. The shop is open for pre-orders, and the first 500 that makes a pre order will also get the first issue of Mad Fabricators Society Magazine with their order.
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How To Chop a 1947 Buick Sedanette in Two Minutes
It took Kjetil Kvipt and his crew of Norwegian Coupe Devils 9 hours to chop the top on Hans Ola Christensen's 1947 Buick Sedanette. Kustomrama was there. Armored with a GoPro camera taped to a trash can we took one photo each minute during the chop. The result can be seen here, summed up in a 2 minute long video...enjoy!
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Famous Southern California Hot Rods
Ed Gallagher's DVD Famous Southern California Hot Rods is a one hour documentary that focuses around the Southern California Hot Rod movement. Starting from it's beginnings at El Mirage to the present day, Ed's flick highlights many of the most famous cars in Southern California. Filled with great footage and interviews, this movie is a must for the hardcore hot rodder!
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The Golden Illusion - A Presentation
The Golden Illusion is an old Swedish custom car restyled by Leif Hellander in the 1960s. The build was completed in 1968, and in 1970 he won best custom, best paint, and best interior at the Hot Rod Show held in Ostermans Marmorhallar in Stockholm, Sweden. This old footage shows the car after it was completed as The Golden Illusion.
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Coupe Devils Rod & Kustom Bonanza
The Coupe Devils Rod & Kustom Bonanza is a traditional hot rod & kustom car show hosted by the Coupe Devils Car Club of Norway. The 3rd annual Bonanza will take place May 20 - 22, 2010 at Bruvollen in Blaker, Norway. This movie is made to showcase this years' bands along with a photo slideshow from the two previous shows.
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Deuce of Spades
After more than two years in the making, Faith Granger's much buzzed about hot rod movie Deuce of Spades had its world premier Sunday November 14, 2010. I have not seen the movie yet, but can't wait for my DVD to appear in the mail. The world premiere sold out pretty fast, and it seems like most of the people that have seen it is waiting for Faith to complete her next movie.
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Vintage Torque DVD KKOA 2010
John Wells of Vintage Torque is working on a brand new DVD from the 2010 Leadsled Spectacular in Salinas, Kansas. The 30th annual Leadsled Spectacular gathered over 1500 cars, and Vintage Torque was there to share it with us all. The DVD will be released in November 2010.
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Hotrod Havoc 4
Hotrod Havoc 4 will be released November 20, 2010. HH4 features Skoty Chops, Gambino Kustoms, Slims Fabrication, Voodoo Kustoms, Chuckles Garage, Drag Races Filmed in San Fransisco, Los Angeles, San Diego,and Hawaii.
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Vintage Torque Fest DVD
May 2010 Hot Rod DVD provider Vintage Torque held their first annual Vintage Torque Fest at at Farley Speedway in Galena, Illinois. More then 500 cars and 4000 spectators turned up for the show. John Wells filmed all the action, and has now released it all on a 90 minutes long DVD.
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Vintage Torque DVD 5
In case you have missed it, John Wells of Vintage Torque just recently released his fifth movie in the Vintage Torque series. Vintage Torque DVD 5 is filled with traditional hot rod and kustom action from all over the world. Check out the 10 minute long trailer, and judge this neat movie for yourself.
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Atna Nostalgic Speed Weekend
June 25-27 the 2010 Atna Nostalgic Speed Weekend was held in the woods of Atna, Norway. During the weekend the enthusiasts that showed up for the show could compete against each other in a hillclimb, an oval track race, and on a raceway. If you missed the event, check out "Slemmboll's" video!
Click here to watch Slemmboll's movie from the event


Hot Rod Girls Save The World
I wish I could have seen Hot Rod Girls Save The World by D. A. Sebastian on an old Drive-In Movie on a dark autumn night. The story is set to 2008, but the movie is made to resemble those horrible 1950s b-movies. Buy your copy of the movie today, and support this independent movie maker so that we can see more movies like this in the future!
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The Giant Gila Monster (1959)
The Giant Gila Monster is a drive-in double feature movie from 1959 about a gang of hot rodders that have to save the world from a giant monster. Armed with nitroglycerin he drives his hot rod in to the prehistoric monster and blows if offs the face of the earth.
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The Young in Heart (1938)
The Young in Heart is a comedy from 1938 about a couple making a living as card sharps. There are no hot rods or custom cars in this movie, but if you like the 1938 Phantom Corsair prototype you should check it out. The Phantom Corsair was a futuristic six-passenger coupe prototype designed by Rust Heinz in the 1930s.
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Teenage Thunder (1957)
Fast cars and faster women are the center piece of this JD flick. A young hot rodder starts down the wrong road when he starts competing with 2 other rodder for who's the fastest on the street.
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Kustom Kar Kommandos
In 1965 Kenneth Anger wanted to create a 30 min long film being an oneric vision of a contemporary American teenage phenomenon, the world of hot rods and customized cars. Anger made an 8 minutes long episode called the "Kustom Kar Kommandos" in order to raise money for his project. Anger was unable to convince anyone to invest in the project, and the movie was abandoned.
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57 Chevy Custom Found by Fritz Schenck
After completing the restoration of Ed Roth's Mega Cycle, Fritz Schenck will hopefully begin the restoration of Don Prichard's 1957 Chevrolet in the near future. Check out this homevideo Fritz has compiled while we wait for the restoration to start.
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Third From the Sun
January 8, 1960 the popular TV show the Twilight Zone featured a 1952 Buick Riviera Custom built by Barris Kustoms. The car was called the Blue Danube, and was restyled by Barris Kustoms for a gentleman called Lyle Lake.
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Click here to read more about the Blue Danube


Video - The Atomic Punk
Watch the Atomic Punk come to life, step by step.
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Click here to read more about the Atmoic Punk


Hot Rod Pinups - A Film by David Perry
For all of us living in the cold part of the world, David Perry and Gearhead Records has released movie to help us warm up the garage during winter time. Hot Rod Pinups - A Film by David Perry is a 60 minute sumptuous sampler of classic 50's style pin-up girls ala Vargas features hotties working in the garage, hanging out at the drag strip and cruisin' country roads.
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Video - Michigan's First Legal Drag Racing Event
Enjoy this never before seen 8mm movie clip of Michigan’s first legal drag racing event held in the summer of 1953 organized by the newly formed Michigan Hot Rod Association.

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Video - 1950 Bob Hope Saturn Special
Built in 1950 by Lloyd Templeton and his two sons Don and Bob, the 1950 Saturn, also known as the Bob Hope Special is going under the hammer at the 2009 Arizona Biltmore Auction. The early hand built sport custom did actually win the "People’s Choice" award at the 1954 Motor World Fair in Miami.
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Video - Gene Winfield and Larry Watson Custom Car and Hot Rod Gathering 2008
October 19, 2008 Gene Winfield's shop in the Mojave desert was the place to be as Gene and Larry Watson were hosting a custom car and hot rod gathering. Amongst the guests were also legends such as Bill Hines, Junior Conway, George Barris and Bob Spina.
Click here to see videos from the Gene Winfield and Larry Watson Custom Car and Hot Rod Gathering


Ed Roth's Orbitron Rides Again
Ed Roth's Orbitron was thought to be lost forever. This movie tells the story of how it was recently found and restored by the team at Galpin Auto Sports.

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Rod and wheelers.jpg

Rod and Wheelers Car Club - 1956
Tag along with the Rod and Wheelers car club of San Jose on their trip to Bonneville. This is a lost footage from 1956 featuring some real old school car club history. Courtesy of Dennis Gomes

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I've Got A Secret - The Golden Sahara
June 25, 1962 Jim Street's Kustom car the Golden Sahara built by George Barris was featured in the TV game show I've Got A Secret. In this cool clip you will see some of the technical features on this remote-controlled, bubble top dream car with four glowing golden tires!

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The Cool Hot Rod
Educational hot rod film from 1953.

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The Buddah Buggy by Bill Hines
George Barris stops by Bill Hines the Leadslinger in his shop. In the shop Bill is busy restoring the Buddah Wagon, a 1959 Chevrolet Impala that he first kustomized in 1962.

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Bill Hines Leading Demo
Bill Hines the leadking demonstrates how real leading is done.

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Spencer Murray at the Dream Truck
Spence and George Barris gives us the real story on the design, destruction and restoration of the Rod & Custom Magazine’s Dream Truck.

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