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The Throttle Benders car club was established in 1949. Joe "Bud" Simmons was a founding member of the club, and according to his grandson, Brian Burnham, it wasn't a big club, "just a bunch of farm kids from the California Central Valley." The members of the club were from the town of Chowchilla, California. Photo courtesy of Brian Burnham.
The 1320 Eliminators was a car club out of Altus, Oklahoma.
A collection of plaques from hot rod clubs of the Hartford area in the 1950s. Photo courtesy of John Bozio.
The Wolf Hounds is an East Los Angeles, California car club. The club was an integrated club, including both whites and Latinos, and when George Gonzales won the presidency in 1954 it made front page news. Photo courtesy of Esteban E. Villegas.
The Strokers of Saginaw is a car club from Saginaw, Michighan. Established in 1955, the club was one of the NHRA charter clubs. The club was still active in 2020, celebrating its 65th anniversary as a club. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Russell.
Spark Jumpers of Lincoln Park was a car club founded in Lincoln Park, Michigan in the 1950s. Photo courtesy of Jerry Sarkozi Jr.
The Dragettes was an all-girl hot rod club from Kansas City, Missouri. They were members of the Kansas City Timing Association, and according to The Southeast Missourian - Apr 21, 1959 the Dragettes was the only all-girl hot rod club in Kansas City. At the time, the club consisted of seven members. The members were either wives or sweethearts of members of other clubs.
The Slo Poks of Wapato, Washington was a small northwest club started in 1959-1960. The club rented a clubhouse building from Logan's Feed And Seed for club functions and to work on their cars. Photo courtesy of Kevin Bennett.
The Eliminators of West Rod Club was a car club established in West, Texas in 1960. Founded by a group of six passionate hot rodders, the club was dedicated to the world of rods and customs. With a motto of "Dedicated to Safety," the club played a significant role in the local car culture of the early 1960s. The club had a relatively short lifespan, disbanding in 1962. The primary reason for its dissolution was the departure of its members for various reasons, including college, military service, and work commitments. As George Jezek reminisced, "It was a good time to be a hot rodder. We enjoyed this hobby, and a couple of us remain friends to this day." His testimonials offer a glimpse into the joy and excitement of that era, a time when cars were more than machines – they were a canvas for creativity and a means to forge lasting bonds. Photo from The George Jezek and Charles Andrle Collection.
The Road Angels was a car club from St. Louis, Missouri. Photo courtesy of Gerald Zielinski Jr.
The Beatniks Koolsville car club was formed in 1992.

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of California

Agitators of Fullerton
Barons of Westchester
Bay Area Customs
Bay Cities Conservatives
Bean Bandits
Brahmans of Torrance
Burbank Choppers
Cal Creepers of Sacramento
Cameos of Stockton
Casuals of San Fernando Valley
Compton Kingsmen
Duckworth Customs
Dutchmen of Paramount
Emperors of California
Modesto Century Toppers
Challengers of Los Angeles
Crusaders of Long Beach
Culver City Screwdrivers
Creepers of Fresno
Cut-Outs of Long Beach
D'Amours So. Cal.
Fresno Pan Draggers
Fugitives of South Gate
Glendale Coupe and Roadster Club
Glendale Esquires
Glendale Stokers
Hayward Rod Benders
Hayward V-Eights
Hollywood Lancers
The Hornets
Hot Heads of Inglewood
Hot Heads of San Fernando Valley
Kustoms Of Los Angeles
L.A. Roadsters
Lafayette Cam Shafters
The Lancers
Londeaus of Oakland
Long Beach Cavaliers
Long Beach Dolphins
Long Beach Ramblers
Long Beach Renegades
Long Beach Searchers
Long Beach Qualifiers
Lords of Wilmington
Los Lobos
Mateo Twisters
Merced Valve Burners
Nomads of Oakland
North Bay Rodsters
Norwalk Coachmen
Oakland Heaven Pacers
Oakland King Pins
Oakland Smokers
Oakland Swanx
Power Puffs of Hayward
Road Barons
Road Huggers of Central Valley
Road Kings of Burbank
Road Masters
Road Rebels
Royal Shifters
Rum Runners of Long Beach
San Bernardino Krankers
San Diego Wheels
San Fernando Valley Illusions
San Francisco Hill Toppers
San Francisco Hub Cats
San Francisco Kustom Kings
San Francisco Odd Rods
San Francisco Ramblers
San Jose Rod and Wheelers
San Leandro Cranks
Santa Ana Hunters
Santa Monica Low Flyers
Seagrams of Norwalk
Shamrocks of Alameda
Sinister Knights of Los Angeles
Street Angels
Super Fours
Squires of Napa
Stockers of Oakland
Strokers of Whittier
Swanx of Oakland
T-Timers of El Monte
Throttle Benders
Throttle Stompers
Throttle Throbbers
Thunderbolts Auto Club
Tsuki-Teru Auto Club
Turlock Cranks
Valley Drifters
Vapor Trailers of Visalia
Wolf Hounds of East Los Angeles

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Connecticut

Adaptors of Hartford
Blue Hills Road Runners
Cams of Connecticut
Carbs of Hartford
Hot Heads of East Hartford
Motor Mounts of Bloomfield

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Illinois

Bearing Busters of Berwyn
Knucklebusters of Springfield

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Maryland

Coach Masters of Wheaton

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Massachusetts

Cam Snappers of Newburyport

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Michigan

Automotive Engineers of Battle Creek
Gear Grinders of Flint
Spark Jumpers of Lincoln Park
Strokers of Saginaw

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Missouri

Kansas City Dragettes
Road Angels of St. Louis

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of New Jersey

Crusaders of Clifton

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of New York

Avenue Angels of East Rocakway
Strokers of Baldwin

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Oklahoma

1320 Eliminators of Altus
Apostles of Shawnee

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Oregon

Dicers of Salem
Kustoms of Portland
Pacers of Portland

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Pennsylvania

Axle Snappers of Aspinwall

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of South Dakota

Counts of the Cobblestone

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Texas

Arlington Auto Club
Cam Twisters of Dallas
Chaparrals of Dallas
Eliminators of West
Qaurter Milers of Dallas
Road Knights
San Antonio Gear Grinders
San Antonio Road Runners

Car Clubs of Utah

Falcons of Salt Lake City
Stags of Ogden

Car Clubs of Washington

Clutchers of Seattle
Di-Gammas of Seattle
Slo Poks of Vancouver
Slo Poks of Wapato

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Australia

Road Knights of Sydney
Romans Hot Rod Association

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs of Japan

Glitter C.C.

Car Clubs of Norway

Coupe Devils
Nor-Way Custom
Viking Custom

Car Clubs of Sweden

Undertakers of Sweden

Pacers Car Clubs

Pacers of Portland


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