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Paul Schiefer's 1925 Ford Model T Roadster of San Diego, California. Schiefer was a member of the San Diego Roadster Club. He started racing his roadster in 1947, and it became one of the few cars campaigned on the lakes and the strips that, within a decade, saw its first-year top speeds on the dry lakes exceeded by its later 1/4-mile ETs.
A photo of Blackie and Amos Torosian with Blackie's roadster taken in Fresno, California in 1947. Clean Gene Sadoian was 14 years old the first time he saw Blackie in his cut down black hot rod in 1948. " The driver was a scary looking guy with cut off t-shirt sleeves. He looked at me and smiled. I saw gold leaf letters on the side of car—"Blackie". He did a burn out for me, I was forever hooked." Photo from The Clean Gene Sadoian Collection.
The Bob Berkshire Roadster of Tarzana, California. Bob built the roadster after returning from WWII, and the first photos of the car started appearing in 1947. Back then he was a member of the Idlers car club. Sometime between 1947 and 1950 Bob moved to Dallas, Texas fo engineering school, bringing the roadster along.
Bob McGee's 1932 Ford Roadster was built in 1947
Jim Papworth's 1932 Ford Roadster of Culver City, California. Jim was a member of the Culver City Screwdrivers, and the roadster, that he bought in 1947, was his first car.
Robert Fulton's 1936 Ford sedan convertible of Hollywood, California. Robert owned the car from 1947 to around 1949.
Bill Henderson's 1939 Mercury Convertible of Los Angeles, California. Bill bought the Merc when he was 14 years old. In the mid to late 1940s he worked for Barris Kustoms, and they taught him how to customize cars, while he was working on the Merc. This photo of the car was taken around 1947.
Jim Kierstead's 1939 Mercury Coupe of Inglewood, California. Jim's Mercury was restyled by Barris Kustoms, and it is rumored to be the first 1939 - 1940 Mercury coupe that the Barris Brothers chopped. The build was started in 1945 and completed in December of 1947.
Dick Owens' 1940 Mercury convertible of Redondo Beach, California. Dick's Mercury was restyled by Barris Kustoms, and the work was sometime between 1945 and 1947.
George Barris' 1941 Buick Convertible. Completed late in 1947, this was the car that established George as a builder. It was shown at the first Hot Rod Exposition in January of 1948, where it won top honors. Winning that show put Barris Kustoms on the map, and they consequently moved their operation to larger premises at 7674 Compton Avenue.
A 1947 Chevrolet Convertible that notable Maryland/Washington, D.C. customizer Bud Unger restyled in 1947. This was the first car ever that Bud customized.
The 1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet, designed by Frank Kurtis and built on a 1940 Ford chassis, was a pioneering postwar American sports car. Featuring a lightweight aluminum body it represented an innovative blend of American engineering and European-inspired design, standing out as a significant yet rare piece in automotive history.
Robert McClure's Custom of Denver, Colorado. Built by Robert, the first version of the car was completed in 1947. It rode on a Buick chassis.
The official program for the SCTA sanctioned event held May 25, 1947.

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In 1947 Gene Winfield opened his own shop Windy’s Custom Shop.

Dry Lakes Racing

The opening event for the 1947 season time trials sponsored by the Southern California Timing Association was held May 25, 1947 at El Mirage dry lake. For the 1947 season, the S.C.T.A. ran under a new system of Competition Classes. American Production Automotive Engines were still required as a basis for the engine construction, but the competition was divided into two body types with four class in each. The cars were classified either as Roadsters or Streamliners. The classes were then divided according to total Engine Cubic Inch Displacement.[1]

Hot Rods Built or Completed in 1947

The Bob Berkshire Roadster
Paul Schiefer's 1925 Ford Model T Roadster
Kazar Simonian's 1929 Ford Roadster - Later known as Tom Pollard's 1929 Ford
Bob McGee's 1932 Ford Roadster
Jim Papworth's 1932 Ford Roadster

Custom Cars Restyled or Completed in 1947

Ed Ohanesian's 1940 Ford
Jim Kierstead's 1939 Mercury Coupe
Jimmy Summers' 1940 Mercury
George Barris' 1941 Buick Convertible

Sport Customs Built or Completed in 1947

Robert McClure's Custom

Sport Cars Built or Completed in 1947

1947 Kurtis-Omohundro Comet

Hot Rod and Custom Car Clubs Established in 1947

Culver City Screwdrivers

SCTA Time Trials of 1947

El Mirage May 25, 1947



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